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5 Eco-Friendly Summer Beauty Products

Have you ever looked at a public beach near the shoreline and seen the thin glimmer of washed-off sunscreen that covers the water? Because I have, and I’d prefer not to keep contributing to it to the full extent of my abilities. Everyone loves the beach and summertime, but for many people it’s just another opportunity to spray harmful chemicals into the environment and not take any responsibility for it. If you’re looking to change things up a bit this season try investing in one of these products, whose creators are on a mission to reduce harmful emissions into the environment.

1. Thinksport Sunscreen

This sunscreen is an eco-friendly product that has the lowest toxicity score according to the Environmental Working group, which means it doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that leech into the environment to cause damage. Other than that, it covers UVA and UVB spectrum light and is water resistant and safe for children and babies.

2. Chocolate Sun Tanning Products

Retailers Chocolate Sun boast the very first organic, all natural, sunless tanning collection. Their products are made from a combination of herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and all natural preservatives that don’t leave skin caked in chemicals and looking orange.

3. Moroccan Sea Salt Spray from OGX

Who doesn’t love a good sea salt spray for their hair during the summer? This leave-in mist will mimic the wavy effect of the ocean without any actual beaches being required. And as with all OGX products, their bottles are made from materials containing recycled materials, their labels are printed with enviro-friendly ink, and the product itself is sulfate-free and not tested on animals.

4. Kiss My Face Shaving Products

Before most people head to the beach, they may shave a bit in the shower (or not — there’s no correct way!). However, if you do opt to get rid of some hairs, make sure you’re being responsible about it and use a good, long-lasting razor instead of the harmful disposable ones. Try using a Kiss My Face shaving cream, whose company has been a pioneer in natural and eco-friendly products, and if you want to be even more eco-friendly, try using just coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

5. EcoSmart Organic Insect Repellent

Okay, this isn’t technically a beauty product per se, but I absolutely hate insects and so for me this is a necessity. Besides, bug bites aren’t pretty, right? Bug spray often contains DEET and other harmful synthetic materials, but this product opts not to in favor of strong organic plant oils. It dries quickly and effectively keeps away insects for hours.

Have a great summer, and be sure to opt for eco-friendly beauty products on your next shopping trip.

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