4 Sex Positive Sites You Need to Check Out

In the Digital Age, we have access to essentially anything at the very tips of our fingers; the Internet is an incredibly useful tool that has simplified our means of communication, work, and self-expression. For the modern young woman, this availability of immediate information is nothing short of groundbreaking.

As we move towards a society with increasingly liberal and open-minded values, it comes to little surprise that people all over the world have made it their objectives to educate others on topics that remain largely (read: disappointingly) untouched in public school systems, most notably including questions about one's own sexuality, consent, gender identity, and relatable, up-to-date sex education. Here are four sites that you should become familiar with if you want to practice safe, consensual sex:

1. Laci Green on YouTube

A leading visionary in the sex-positive movement, feminist activist Laci Green started her popular YouTube channel with the intent of normalizing sex and removing its stigma, so that teenagers and young adults can practice it enjoyably and safely. It's likely that Green's massive following is due in part to her light-hearted, bubbly approach at tackling heavier topics that range from sexism to masturbation. Named one of Time's 30 most influential people on the Internet in 2016, the 26-year-old continues to alter society's view on sex, and we are excited to see what's in store for her. Be sure to bookmark her YouTube channel if you haven't already. 

2. Scarleteen

A provider of "inclusive, comprehensive and smart sexuality information and help for teens and 20s," Scarleteen has sought to educate from an honest platform since 1998. The site is well-organized and thus easy to navigate. It actually resembles more of an online magazine: the home page flaunts columns like "Recent Questions" (one example: "How can I protect my partner from HPV?") and commonly searched tags, like "sexual politics" and "gender."



3. Rookie Magazine

Although not exclusively a sex-ed magazine, Rookie, which was founded by its current editor-in-chief Tavi Gevinson (who's 20, just so you know), is written for and by young women. It discusses all things pertaining to pop culture, music, and feminism, which by nature includes sex. Check out the zine's sex column, especially if you want to read articles and essays written by like-minded young adults.  


4. Killer and a Sweet Thang

This one's a newbie, so keep it on your radar—it looks like it's about to get good. Instagram-star turned sex-educator, 20-year-old Eileen Kelly recently launched her sex blog in the beginning of April. She transformed her powerful social media presence into a mission to help others, and we support it. Take a peek at some of her content, and be sure to keep an eye out for the new material to come.


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