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3 Women-Owned Businesses You Should Know About

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

As we encroach upon women’s history month, it is the perfect time to acknowledge some strong, smart women who have built their own businesses to perfection. I have personally tried the products from all of the businesses listed below, and I can attest to their overall high quality.

Girlfriend Collective

This is quite literally my favorite store to buy workout clothes from. There are so many cute pastel colors to choose from for each product, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a cute workout outfit. I have a brown sweatsuit and a dark green workout set that I wear at least once a week. The fabric of the workout set is thick and high quality and the leggings don’t fall down when doing strenuous exercise. I wear the workout set together, and separately, which shows how versatile it is. When I was painting the basement of my house, I got white paint on the brown sweatpants and I was so mad at myself. The coolest thing about Girlfriend Collective is that when you are done with an item and want a new one, you send your old item back to Girlfriend Collective for them to recycle into new clothing, and you get a new piece at no extra cost to you. Great clothes and also great for the environment.

Package Free

Package Free is another one of my go-to online stores. I am constantly buying my bathroom and cosmetic stuff from them when I don’t want to go out and physically buy things from the store. They have a ton of zero waste personal care items, like safety razors, entire shaving kits, and so many soap options. I have had the safety razor that I purchased at Package Free for so many years, and it is still working very well. I also tried to get into oil pulling, which is supposedly very good for your oral hygiene, and I got that from Package Free as well. Also, I bought toothpaste tablets, which come in a glass jar which is much more eco-friendly than buying disposable, unrecyclable toothpaste tubes. If you are ever intrigued by getting into the zero-waste lifestyle, I highly recommend checking out Package Free and supporting the company. 

December thieves

December Thieves is my favorite boutique in Boston, and I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the city. They have a website that is my go-to for mom/aunt gifts for birthdays and Christmas, as well as my friends. It really caters to a wide age range and you can find anything in the store. They have a clothing section that is super funky and although not very affordable, there is always a hefty sale section. Their home decor section is what really shines in my opinion. They have these very cool (vegan) animal-shaped rugs that I am very excited to get for my dorm next year. They also have unique, handmade mugs that are the perfect present for anyone in your life. 

I hope you give some of these a try, and have a great women’s history month!

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Carol DeRose

U Mass Amherst '25

Carol is a freshman, political science major who loves to read and ski in her free time.