21 of the Most Adorable Wedding Proposals You'll Ever See

Even though most of us reading this might not be anywhere near ready to get hitched anytime soon, lots of girls, both young & old, imagine what their wedding may be like someday (Gotta love those wedding pinterest boards!). If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you love watching wedding proposals and wedding videos. What’s a better way to draw inspiration and get excited for what could be happen to you someday by watching some of the cutest wedding proposals? So if you're in a sappy mood, grab some tissues, and get ready to saw “aww” a lot!

1) Love Disney? This proposal is totally for you!

Watch the magic as it happens:


2) Who doesn't want thoughtful man who pampers you & plans a proposal for 17 months


3) Future life goals.

4) If Christmas and the holidays are your type of thing, imagine seeing this while decorating your tree!

5) He totally hit it out of the park for this one!

6) If you’re a Directioner, you have to watch this!

7) Military proposals are always the best! Here's a few.

8) Her smile says it all!

9) Who knew he was in there...

10) There are even cheerleading ones too!

11)Flash mob!

12)   For those book lovers…

13) This takes my love for Frozen to a whole new level!

14)If you like a man that can sing & love the movie Pitch Perfect

15) If you love concerts...

16) “Say Yes!”

17) Smile for this photobooth!

18) Getting little kids involved is always a good idea…

19) On live television, hello!

20) Under the sea…

21) And to top it all off... Harry Potter themed...WOW.

What's your dream engagement, Collegiettes?

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