19 Struggles of Contact Lens Wearers

According to the Vision Impact Institute, 3 out of 4 people just in the United States have vision correction, and about 30 million people total in America wear contact lenses. It's true -- not everyone has perfect 20/20 vision. With so much time spent staring at screens of computers, iPhones, tablets, e-readers, it’s no wonder why vision correction is common. So, if you’re one of these 30 million contact lens wearers, like myself, here are a few common struggles you might find relatable. If you're not, then now you know some of what we have to go through!

1. The moment you notice you’re down to your last pair of contacts…

2. …And therefore have to wear the same pair for 4 days until you finally get more.

3. When you drop a contact lens. R.I.P. I’ll never find you.

4. That moment when you accidentally tear your last contact lens.

5. When you notice your contact lens are flipped inside-out after you do all your eye makeup.

6. When your eyes are as dry as the desert and you’re sporting those oh-so-charming bloodshot eyes.

7. When your contact shifts out of place.

8. Finding shriveled contact lens all around your room.

9. Somehow putting on another pair of contacts when you already have some in.

10. When you’re sleeping over somewhere and totally forget to pack extra contact lens or your glasses

11. The moment when you run out of contact solution.

12. When you can't find your contact lens or glasses and have to search practically blind to try to find them.

13. When you have to go somewhere without your contacts in or glasses on and you literally cannot tell a dog from a cat.

14. Sleeping in your contacts and waking up like this. Enough said.

15. The moment when you're showering and you get soap in your eyes.


16. When people get all freaked out when you touch your eye so easily.


17. When it’s windy outside and dirt gets into your eye/contact.


18. Going in a pool with contacts in.

19. And the last struggle of a contact-wearer, rubbing your eyes way too frequently.

Which struggles can you relate to, Collegiettes?


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