19 Creative DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

It’s that time of year, Collegiettes -- the loved, the  Valentine’s Day. Love (or for some, maybe just chocolate) is in the air and it’s time to spread it with gifts for a special someone or just a friend! Whether this February 14th will be spent with a loved one, friends, or the family, make it a great one with some of these adorable and easy DIY gift ideas!

1. V-Day sweets & treats

Check out some cool recipes here or log onto Pinterest!

2. Sticks & stones

Such a cute and crafty way to make your message across!
3. "Open when" letters

These are thoughtful letters that can be given to your special someone that helps them through a tough time that may happen in the future, or a big moment. Here are some tips to making them!

4. Candy bar card

 Find some candy, a poster, and a clever saying and BAM you’re done. How simple is that?

5. Creative coffee mugs

If you’re valentine is a coffee-addict, this is perfect. You can put a meaningful quote, or even a funny pun! Just grab a sharpie and a mug.

6. Balloon pictures

How simple, yet adorable is this?
7. Sock bouquet 

Calling all love sock lovers!

8. Scrabble frame

Just grab some Scrabble pieces, glue, and a frame, and you’ll be done soon enough!
9. Valentine's Day scavenger hunt
If you're special someone is in to a little adventure & corny things, check this idea out!
10. Playlist/CD
Compile some of your favorite songs to share with one another!
11. "Minute wasted" heart box
12. Vouchers

13. Photo jar

Perfect to put on display!

14. I <3 you pictures

15. The Happy Jar

16. DIY bookmarks

Check them out here!

15. Date jar

18. Boardgame

19. "52 thing I like about you"

Now with all these ideas, get crafty & creative! What will you be making for your valentine, Collegiettes?


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