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15 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Roommate

1. She welcomes you home enthusiastically.

2. You two never fight over the television remote.

3. You are comfortable leaving your unfolded laundry – especially your bras and underwear – all over the room.

4. You feel no pressure to look presentable. Clothing is optional and day old make-up is completely acceptable.

5. She never leaves the toilet paper dispenser empty.

6. She warns you if she took a huge sh*t just earlier. Let’s face it: a good roommate does more than just flush the toilet and leave the sink counter clean.

7. If you lock yourself out by accident, she comes running back to save the day.

8. When she goes on grocery runs, she asks if you want anything.

9. If you’re working at your desk, she knows to save the crazy story for later.

10. If she comes back late at night to find you already asleep, she leaves the lights off and uses her phone for light instead.

11. She reminds you when your exams are… just in case you took a short “nap” before the test.

12. The smell of 3am wings or spicy ramen do not bother her at all.

13. She doesn’t judge you if you suddenly decide to eat a whole tub of ice cream.

14. Her walls are well decorated so you don’t have to look at pasty, off-white walls.

15. She acts like a second mom anytime you come home acting unlike yourself.

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