15 Daily Struggles That Naturally Disorganized Students Will Understand

Every college student is guilty of not having their act together at times, but if you’re like me, you’ve found that your life revolves around being disorganized. I’ve found that people often think disorganization is a simple thing to fix, but in reality, the daily struggles of planning and having everything together are a little too real. Let’s face it: being repeatedly late to class and not being able to find anything you need in the chaotic mess that you call your backpack are signs that your disorganization isn't going away anytime soon. Here are 15 daily struggles that naturally disorganized students can relate to:


1. You’ve set at least 15 alarms the night before because you don’t trust yourself to wake up in time for your first class

2. Picking out clothes the night before is pointless because you always change your mind at the last minute

3. Mastering the art of get ready in 5 minutes flat

4. Bolting out the door only to race back 5 seconds later when you realize you forgot something important

5. Realizing that you've only got 5 minutes to get to class...and it's 15 minutes away

6. Having to always do the ol’ “mad dash to class”

7. Avoiding the glares you get from everyone when you walk in 5 minutes late

8. You can’t find the day’s assignment because your bag’s literally an avalanche of papers
9. And you realize that you’ve left your iClicker on your desk, so there goes your class participation grade
10. You have over 20 things to do today, but your lack of organization prevents you from actually planning out time to do them
11. So you find yourself relying on your ability to just wing it
12. You have no sense of time management, so you’re often cramming for everything
13. And at least half of your cram-sesh time is taken up by you trying to find the material you actually need to cram for
14. You’re always judged by those who believe they have their lives together
15. You’ve accepted that you lead a disorganized life
You know you’ll never be completely put together, but you still manage to live a pretty sweet life. Your disorganization doesn’t make it easy to be a college student, but you still somehow manage to pull yourself together to do well in school. Props to you, fellow disorganized person!
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