10 Things That Will Happen Your Freshman Year of College

Freshman year of college is one of the scariest yet exciting times in a person’s life. It’s the time when you’re leaving the comfort of your parent’s guidance and discovering that you have to do everything on your own. Everyone goes through it, and everyone will most likely experience these things as they do.

1. Socializing with anyone and everyone on move-in day

Because you probably know very few people at your college, this day and the week after is crucial for making friends. You’ll find yourself socializing with types of people you’ve never met before, and as the year progresses you’ll find the group of friends that work for you.2. Waking up for a 9 AM class only to skip it

When this happens, you may think while lying in bed, “It’s a huge lecture, so what’s the difference if I don’t go?” This will probably happen quite a bit, especially after late nights of studying or a weekend of fun. It’s okay to miss a few classes, but it’s so important to stay on top of your schoolwork during this year.3. Getting lost trying to find a class

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll get lost to class on your first day. College is so much different than high school because you're not staying in one building the entire day, so getting lost is completely normal. When going to a new class, make sure to go a bit early in order to give yourself time to find the classroom.4. Debating joining tons of different clubs and realizing you have absolutely no time

When trying to find new friends, clubs are a great way to meet people who have something in common with you. Unfortunately, they can also be a time commitment. Try not to pack on too many activities or else you’ll find yourself debating going to a meeting or studying for the three exams you have the next day.5. Being too afraid to check your bank account balance

Sometimes we just want to stay in our dorms and order take-out, especially after a long day or in unfavorable weather. This can seriously put a dent in our bank accounts, so it may be better to just take the extra step and use your meal plan.6. Becoming sick of dining hall food by second semester

Even though UMass may have amazing dining hall food, sometimes eating the same sort of food every day can get so boring. When you realize that you’re over dining hall food, try to experiment with something that you may have been too scared to try in the past. 7. Being homesick every once in a while

For 18 years of your life you were in the comfort of your home and surrounded by family and friends that knew everything about you. It’s completely normal to get homesick, and even if people say they aren’t, they’re probably going through the same thing.8. Taking the time to explore the area around your college

Staying on campus all day long can get old. This is why it’s so important to explore the town or surrounding towns around your school so that during the times when you feel trapped on campus, you know exactly where to go.9. Finding your favorite study spot

Whether or not this is the library, the building where your major is located, or simply in the comfort of your own dorm, you’ll probably end up finding your ideal place to study. When you find this place it’ll feel like your own little piece of home on campus.10. Discovering independence and so many new things about yourself

The greatest thing that will happen to you during your freshman year is realizing that you are independent, and using it to your advantage. By not having parents around, you have more freedom to discover who you are and exactly what you are capable of.

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