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10 Subreddits Every Collegiette Needs to Know About

#1: r/LadyBoners

This subreddit basically takes all the cute guys you love (or haven’t yet heard about, but will love) and puts em’ all together for your viewing pleasure. Just try not to make the men in your life too jealous of the eye candy.

#2: r/TwoXChromosomes

This subreddit is a little more serious – a place where ladies can go to post or read about anything and everything related to being a woman. It can be useful sometimes and totally silly others, and is a great subreddit for Collegiettes to check out!

#3: r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Similar to r/TwoXChromosomes, “The Girl Survival Guide” subreddit is a safe place for women to go, particularly to ask questions (or answer them) about how to survive day-to-day life as a girl!

#4: r/MakeupAddiction

This subreddit is super fun to browse, and has great ideas and tips for every girl’s makeup!

#5: r/xxfitness

While Reddit does already have a fitness page, this one is specifically for ladies! You can post progress pics, share stories, ask questions – anything to do with fitness!

#6: r/Women

This subreddit is great for keeping up-to-date on the latest current events in the female world! There are some interesting articles, that’s for sure (have you ever heard of a purity ball?). See r/feminisms also, for a similar idea!

#7: r/fashion

This subreddit is exactly what it sounds like – a place for fashion! Check out some cute outfits and get inspired for a new spring wardrobe!

#8: r/BodyAcceptance

Since a lot of women struggle with their body images (those “Freshman 15” jokes can really get to you…), this subreddit is super supportive and is great for any Collegiette needing a little pick-me-up for their self-esteem.

#9: r/Female Hair Advice

Alright, so I gave you guys one about makeup, one about fashion, and now we have hair! Same theory as the others – head here for hair wins, misses, advice, etc.

#10: r/aww

Finally, I had to throw this one in there even if it’s not really gender-specific. r/aww is your one stop shop for a daily dose of cuteness, whether you need a pick-me-up, a laugh, or just want to distract yourself from that homework a little longer! r/aww is full of adorable and irresistible animals for every Collegiette!

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