10 Reasons Why You Should Start Following Your Dreams

Do you frequently catch yourself daydreaming? Growing with your passions? Imagining your future? Do you wake up every morning and ask yourself, "How can I make my dreams come true?" Don’t ignore these thoughts, because you have them for a reason! They are your daily reminder, your inspiration, and your motivation to seek opportunity. Work hard and don’t give up! If you have a passion, it will carry you to new levels, challenge you, and provide you with the answers your soul is searching for. Like Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently into the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

1. It is your calling!

Everyone has some sort of dream, goal, or aspiration they want to fulfill in life. So, let go of your fears and stop making excuses! You will be much happier when you devote time to achieving your life long dream.

2. There will be meaning and purpose in everything you do

Believe it or not, but every initiative you take, decisions you make, and lessons you learn will contain a purpose. There will be an underlying meaning in the events of your life and later on, an explanation or understanding of why things happened the way they did. 

3. You will be an inspiration

If anything, being an inspiration to others is something everyone should aim for. Be that person that sparks fireworks, desire, and passion in another individual. Who is that one person you crave attention from? Whose compliments mean the most to you? Who you wish you could spend every day learning and growing with? BE this person.

4. You will LOVE what you do

How AMAZING will this feel? Work will not feel like work. What a wonderful reality that would be. It is also proven that those who devote their career to exploring their passions are happier with their lives.

5. Personal Growth

Yes, I know no one here reading this wants to grow up. But, it will happen soon enough. The best thing we can do is remain a kid at heart. We are growing intellectually every moment and for that we should be very thankful. Along with this growth comes maturity and a sense of self. Pretty soon, everything in your life will begin to come together and your biggest motive to keep progressing will be what is held close to your heart. What will that be for you? Your family? Your dream? Think about it and set yourself on the right path.

6. You will gain an appreciation for life

It is not until you branch out and seek new travels on your own that you will become appreciative of all your blessings. Feed off these blessings and channel yourself into the direction of your wildest dreams.

7. Personal Pride

Confidence is key and a little personal satisfaction never hurts either. Walk with your head high and a spring in your step, and you are already well on your way!

8. You will realize that hard work does pay off

Phew! What a relief this will be. All those late night papers, impossible exams, and nerve-racking job interviews have actually paid off. I’m sure, like myself, you will also owe a HUGE thank you to every student’s best friend: coffee. Looking back on dedication and commitment to excellence while you are living your dream could not be a better feeling. After all, you earned it!

9. Your smile will be contagious

You know those moments that you don’t even realize how much your mouth hurts from smiling so much? You DESERVE to feel like this everyday. Let your smile light up a room, a street, or more importantly, those around you. I bet it will.

10. No Regrets!

You all know this phrase. Don't look back and see disappointment. Reflect back on life peacefully, happily, and with great satisfaction.

Your dreams can come true. It is up to you to decide how bad you want it.

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