10 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With Bruno Mars

If you watched the Super Bowl like the rest of America, you might have noticed a spectacular halftime performance put on by a musician named Bruno Mars. His music has been on the radio for a couple of years now, but he never stops impressing us with his talent. Whether you're a casual listener, an avid fan or have never heard his music before in your life, here are 10 reasons we think you should fall in love with Bruno Mars this year.

10. His "Big Band" style of performing.

Bruno's style of performing is very reminiscent of the "Big Band" era in musical history. The musicality of it all is really something that makes Bruno and his band stand out from other musical artists of this time. Bruno's show includes and relies on his band just as much as it emphasizes him as the front man - something that isn't common nowadays.

9. His generosity...

Rarely do we see an artist give back so kindly to his fans. When this girl made a video asking Bruno to prom and he couldn't go, not only did he make it a point to pull her on to Ellen's stage to meet her, but he gave her front row tickets to his new tour and asked her for a slow dance. So sweet!

8. His band can play, sing, and dance - all at once.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. His band is fun, and we love to watch them dance.

7. His unique sense of humor.

Bruno's guest appearance on SNL had us crying from laughing so hard. We love an artist who isn't afraid to show off his goofy side - someone who doesn't take himself too seriously and can see the humor in life.

6. His creativity - especially in music videos.

We love that no two videos of Bruno's are the same. Each one has a unique concept, and isn't him just singing into a microphone, trying to look sexy. Some are romantic, some are performance pieces, and some are super silly - just like the video for "The Lazy Song."

5. His personality.

Honestly, we could waste plenty of hours a day looking up Bruno's interviews and on-stage antics. He has a killer personality and always seems to be in a good mood.

4. His height.

Who couldn't love this little munchkin? Bruno is repping it for the guys who are still sexy on the shorter side.

3. His love for his mom.

Bruno's mom passed away at age 55 of a brain aneurysm over the summer. Since then, Bruno has paid countless tributes to his mom, from his acceptance speech at the 2014 Grammy Awards to having her name displayed on his drumset at this year's Super Bowl.

2. He can write the perfect love song.

Every love song Bruno writes has us wishing that he was singing about us. From "Grenade" to "It Will Rain" to "Just the Way You Are," his songs about love and heartbreak have us swooning.

1. His talent.

His live performances blow us away. Bruno has sheer talent, and his voice is a force to be reckoned with. His cover of "Valerie," a tribute to Amy Winehouse, is a video you have to watch.

Hope you fall as hard for Bruno as we did, Collegiettes!

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