10 Reasons Why New England Is Better Than Any Other Place in the U.S.

New England is home to many popular icons such as Ben Affleck, our famous winter snow storms and our diverse population. Here’s a list of many overlooked parts of New England that shows that this region of the country is the best.

1. We have some of the best schools in the country.

Schools like Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth are all in driving distance of each other. I’m biased, but also UMass Amherst.

2. We have all four seasons.

Fall is the beautiful time of the year where we go apple picking, sit by the bonfire and wear L.L. Bean Boots. Winter is the time you can go skiing in most of the states. Summer is the time you can go down to Cape Cod and in spring you can study for your finals outside.

3. Our sports are amazing.

With teams like the Patriots, Red Sox and The Celtics, we’re basically unbeatable (ahem, Super Bowl 2017 anyone?)

4. Dunkin Donuts. Enough said.

There’s one on every corner basically. We’re the type of people who will be drinking iced coffee in the dead of winter and hot coffee in the summer.

5. The food is amazing.

Maple syrup can be found around every corner. Clam chowder and lobster rolls are true New England staples. Also Vermont is home of Ben & Jerry’s.

6. We have Cape Cod and the Islands.

If you want to go to the beach or get away for the weekend, New England has got you covered. The beaches are absolutely incredible and the heat is bearable. It’s basically the Bahamas, but better.

7. There's a ton of history.

Boston and other surrounding towns and cities are full of history. Major revolutions have occurred in New England. The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts in 1620, thus colonizing in New England. The Boston Tea Party was a huge moment in Boston’s history.

8. Your favorite films and TV shows are based in New England.

"Legally Blonde," "Jaws," and "Manchester by the Sea" were all filmed in Massachusetts. "Gilmore Girls" is set in Connecticut, so you know we have that leg up.

9. The great outdoors is unlike any other.

In New Engand, there's always something to do outside. In the fall, the hiking is incredible in every state. Skiing is a favorite among locals in the winter. And water sports are a must for the summer.

10. We've got the lingo.

New England is home of a very interesting vocabulary. If you walk around Boston, you'll hear locals toss around words like "paddy" and "rotary." It's one of the major parts of being a New Englander that sets us apart from the rest of the United States. 

Overall, New England is the perfect place to live and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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