10 Part-Time Jobs That Collegiettes Don't Get Enough Credit For

Let’s be real­: college is hard. You have those back-to-back classes every Tuesday and Thursday that force you to skip lunch, one tough professor with assignments that leave you up until 2 a.m. to complete, and at least three papers due each week. It’s overwhelming. But you rose to the challenge to become a full-time college student, and found a part-time job in order to have a little extra spending money in your pocket (and maybe to start chipping away at those student debts). Way to go, babes: you’re absolutely killing it. It’s demanding, tedious, exhausting, and sometimes it just feels like you’re not appreciated—but we see you, and we praise you. Here are 10 part-time jobs that Collegiettes don’t get enough credit for working and balancing with school:

1. Cashier

No matter where you’re working the cash register, it seems like you always encounter the same nasty customers: “Why is this so expensive?” “That total doesn't sound right; can you re-scan everything?” “I know my card works, just try running it again.”

You get blamed for everything. But instead of giving them a piece of your mind, you keep it together and smile through the pain.   

2. Retail

Where do I start? Retail is physically and emotionally exhausting. You’d think sitting down in a lecture hall for hours would help you reserve your energy so that you can be on your feet throughout your entire shift, but you’ve considered hiding in the back of the store to take a quick snooze at least three times already. Unfortunately, there’s clothes scattered on the floor in that area, and a woman is asking you to check the back for a pair of shoes that you know don’t exist (and despite your warning that they won’t be there, she still takes her anger out on you).   

3. Barista 

Coffee. You love coffee. This must be the perfect job, right? Wrong. You should’ve guessed the people with caffeine addictions are the most hostile– especially if they haven’t had their coffee yet. And god forbid you make a mistake on their order: “There’s too much cream in this. Make it again.” Ma’am, I’d be more inclined to if you left me a tip larger than 3 cents.  

4. Lifeguard

You’re like a superhero. You literally save lives. For the most part, the job is simple and rewarding. People are nice to you and thankful for your presence. But it’s time to close the pool and there’s a man insisting on getting his full set of laps in, and he’s annoyed by your friendly request to leave so you can begin the closing ritual. Please get out of the pool, sir. I have a paper due at midnight.   

5. Child Care / Nannying

You have a gift when it comes to watching kids. They love you, and you love them—but sometimes, it becomes too much. Maybe they refuse to go to bed, or have a fit when you deny their request to watch a movie that you know is inappropriate. And why aren’t the parents back yet? They said they’d be home by 10:30 p.m. and now it's past 11 p.m. Time is ticking closer to your 8 a.m. class tomorrow morning, and your precious hours of sleep are dwindling away.  

6. Pet Sitter

Okay, this job is pretty bomb. Spending time with dogs helps relieve your stress and you get paid for it? Jackpot. But wait– the dog just peed on the floor even though you took him for a walk ten minutes ago. And where is that smell coming from? You shouldn’t have let Cooper out of your sight for even a second.  

7. Waitress

When it’s good, it’s great. But when it’s bad, it’s awful. A table full of rude people who blame you for their order being wrong, or gross, or the wrong temperature (should I go on?) is enough to make you want to flip the table and storm out the door. A $3 tip on a $80 bill? Thanks.  

8. Bartender 

In a college town, being a bartender can be tough. It’s nice because the most elaborate drink you have to make is a vodka cran, but the student only left you a 50 cent tip. Sure, she’s broke, but so are you. If you can barely afford a drink, then don’t go out and buy drinks!  

9. Campus Tour Guide

You’re in a constant routine. You could give the tour purely from muscle memory. But campus is huge and you can feel blisters forming on your feet. And some of the questions you simply don’t know how to answer correctly: “Does a lot of underaged drinking occur on campus?” Well...  

10. Resident Assistant 

Being an RA sounds like a pretty sweet gig. The perk of having a room to yourself is enough to make you consider the job. But you were a freshman once too, and you know what shenanigans go on in the halls. It’s a constant struggle between responsibly following the rules and wanting to turn a blind eye on the students who, for the most part, are good kids. Unfortunately, you also have those few jerks who make you want to pull your hair out and regret ever taking the job.  However, the experience and leadership skills you earn through being an RA will pay off in the end. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and be surprised with your growth throughout the year.


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