10 Obscure International Theme Parks That Should Be on Your Bucket List

So you think you're a theme park connoisseur just because you've been to Disney World? An adventure seeker because you've been on the biggest roller coaster at your local Six Flags? Well trust me..you ain't seen nothing yet. Here are the 10 most obscure theme parks located outside of the United States that you should bookmark for your next international trip.

  1. 1. Crocosaurus Cove - Australia

    If you are feeling your inner Steve Irwin a little extra today, this is the park for you. Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia hosts the world's largest display of Australian Reptiles. You can feed crocodiles using a fishing rod or hold a baby croc, but if you are feeling fearless, you can brave the "Cage of Death". There, you and a friend can go into a glass tube that is directly in the crocodile tank, allowing you to get close up and personal with the stars of this park. Learn more HERE.

  2. 2. BonBon-Land - Denmark

    BonBon-Land in Denmark was created by a Danish candy company yet it's anything but sweet. The attractions have a focus on animals and toilet humor with many of the characters, sculptures, and rides around the park being extremely crude. And if you thought it couldn't get weirder than vomiting rats and urinating ants, well then you are in for a treat: most of the rides are self-operated. Meaning there are no employees there, your safety is in your own hands. There is even a self operated coaster: strap yourself in, press the green button, and try not to die.  Learn more HERE.

  3. 3. Salina Turda - Romania

    393 feet beneath the surface of Romania sits one of the oldest underground salt mines in the world. And what currently sits in that salt mine? A theme park. Salina Turda has a Ferris wheel, paddle boats on an underground lake, an amphitheater, sports facilities, a museum, and even a spa. It is also lit up quite beautifully! Learn more HERE.

  4. 4. JeJu Love Land - South Korea

    Trust me, this was the most mild photo I could find of South Korea's JeJu Love Land. Made to be an educational tool for newlywed arranged married couples, this park contains many NSFW sculptures. The innuendos are raunchy but also charming in a way. It is a popular honeymooning spot but would also make for a fun girls trip. Learn more HERE.

  5. 5. Efteling - Netherlands

    Your inner child will emerge to the surface at Efteling, one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. Efteling is themed around classic fairytales, some very well known, and some that may be unfamiliar to you. But it is not just for kids! Efteling offers thrill rides such as the Baron 1898, a dive coaster which plunges you with a 123 foot free fall into a mineshaft at 55 miles per hour, and a water roller coaster that starts off as a boat ride and turns into a full fledged roller coaster. Learn more HERE.

  6. 6. Yunessun - Japan

    Yunessun is what can only be described as a 'spa theme park'. This park has a combination of relaxation and thrill with a waterpark alongside many different baths. You can bathe in many different substances such as wine, sake, coffee, ramen, and green tea. You can also have tropical fish nibble off the dead skin from your feet in the Dr. Fish foot bath. Learn more HERE.

  7. 7. Wunderland Kulkar - Germany

    Germany’s Wunderland Kalkar seems like it is straight out of an episode of The Simpson's. Built on the same site as a nuclear power plant that was constructed but never actually went into operation, this theme park wins for weirdest location. The most interesting attraction is definitely the vertical swing ride housed in one of the power plant’s cooling towers. The family-friendly park is completely safe for visitors despite its dangerous predecessor. Learn more HERE.

  8. 8. Ferrari World - United Arab Emirates

    The world’s largest indoor theme park is based off of the famous sport car−Ferarri! (Some very niche theming if you ask me) That is not the only record breaker this park has though, Ferrari World is home to Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, traveling up to 149 mph. This coaster has a launch that accelerates from 0 to 62 miles in only seconds. Because of the intensity of it all, riders must wear goggles to protect against the speed and desert sand. Learn more HERE.

  9. 9. Sanrio Puroland - Japan

    The word “kawaii” represents the Japanese culture of cute, and Sanrio Puroland embodies this entirely. Filled with every character in the famous Hello Kitty franchise, this park is bursting with color and fun. Everything from top to bottom−rides, merchandise, restaurants, shows, and character meet and greets−are overflowing with the Sanrio brand. If you are obsessed with Hello Kitty, this is the perfect park for you. Learn more HERE.

  10. 10. Santa Park - Finland

    “The Home Cavern of Santa Claus” as the park’s tagline alludes to, is an underground Christmas theme park. As you enter, you head down a magically lit, long corridor that leads you underground. Once in the theme park, you are greeted by a Christmas village. There you can go to Santa's Office and meet the big man himself, an Elves Post Office, a working post office where you can send letters to family and friends, and even a Magic Sleigh Ride through Santa's Workshop. The entire experience is very interactive and great for adults and kids alike! Learn more HERE.