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10 Hottest Female Athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

So, we covered the most attractive men competing in Sochi. What about our fellow female athletes? Check out these ten beautiful, sexy, and incredibly talented ladies!

Linn HaugSport: SnowboardTeam: NorwayAge: 23Fun Fact: Her celebrity crush: Ashton Kutcher. What would she say to him? “How ya doin’?”

Lolo JonesSport: BobsleddingTeam: USAAge: 31Fun Fact: She has been on a “Twitter date.” Yes. She found a date via Twitter. Who needs Match.com?

Tina MazeSport: SkiingTeam: SloveniaAge: 30Fun Fact: She plays piano and has even recorded her own song “My Way is My Decision.”

Elena HightSport: SnowboardingTeam: USAAge: 24Fun Fact: She was homeschooled so she could travel and compete. She’s also a yogi and frequent surfer.

Allison BaverSport: Speed SkaterTeam: USAAge: 33Fun Fact: If she wasn’t an Olympic athlete, she would aspire to be a TV host on her own show.

Alissa CzisnySport: Figure SkaterTeam: USAAge: 26Fun Fact: Alissa has a twin sister who is also a former national and international competitor. It must make for interesting dinner table talk.

Silje NorendalSport: SnowboardingTeam: NorwayAge: 20Fun Fact: She learned to snowboard at only 4 years old. Her first competition? Age 6. Safe to say she got a head start.

Clair BidezSport: SnowboardingTeam: USAAge: 26Fun Fact: When asked, “Who are you?” she used words like Led Zeppelin, slippers, and sushi to describe herself.

Mellisa HollingsworthSport: SkeletonTeam: CanadaAge: 33Fun Fact: Grew up as a country girl on a ranch. She was raised around horses while hanging out with cowboys and cowgirls on her family’s farm.

Jamie AndersonSport: SnowboardingTeam: USAAge: 23Fun Fact: She became the youngest Winter X Games medalist in 2006 at age 15. She is also one of eight children in her family.

Enjoy watching these interesting and gorgeous athletes do their thing, Collegiettes!

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