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10 Feminist Inspired Costumes

Scrambling for last minute costume ideas? Looking for something original and bold? Try these ideas inspired by some pretty awesome female role models

1. Laverne Cox

This inspiring critically acclaimed actress, producer, and activist is the perfect person to embody if you are aiming for a confidant look. Her iconic Time magazine photo is the perfect choice for a unique yet recognizable outfit. 

2. Hillary Clinton

Put on your best business attire and get ready to take on the world as the former Secretary of State. Perfect for those aspiring Collegiette politicians!

3. Pussy Riot

If you’re looking to be something a bit unconventional, then grab your friends and go as this band that protests oppression in a notably unconventional fashion. Channel these punk Russian protest artists with a simple knit hat-turned-mask. 

4. Suffragettes

Looking for something a little more classic? Throw on a “votes for women” sash and grab your picket sign to portray one of the most famous women’s movements in our country.

5. Sonia Sotomayor

All rise for the honorable Collegiettes! All it takes is a black robe and a gavel to impersonate this Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and first Latina justice

6. Billie Holiday

Make your friends swoon and sway as Lady Day. Don her iconic white flowers and be prepared to break out in the blues as one of the greatest jazz and pop vocalists of all time. 

7. Marie Curie

Make your chemistry professor proud by encompassing this trailblazer for our knowledge of radioactivity, as well as the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Grab your black dress and Erlenmeyer flask to have the time of your half-life!

8. Bessie Coleman

One-up your friends dressed as the well-known Amelia Earhart by going as another pioneer in the field of aviation. Coleman was the first African-American woman to receive a pilot’s license and was also an awesome stunt pilot. Show off your adventurous side and put on that bomber hat and aviator costume for this look. 

9. Frida Kahlo

Don’t be afraid to show your true colors as this famous painter. Her passion for expressing the true female experience makes her the perfect inspiration for your masterpiece of a costume. 

10. Anything You Want

As long as costumes are culturally appropriate (to see what that means, check out this site), please wear whatever will allow you to have fun this holiday. It’s your body, and if you want to be a sexy nurse or rock a full-body gorilla suit, you have the right to make that choice without fear of judgment. And most importantly, remember that Halloween is not an excuse to slut-shame your peers.

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