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10 Accessories You Need if You Want An Edgy Look

Rocking an edgy look is an instant way to look totally bada**. Something about the dark colors and alternative accessories intrigue you. Maybe you saw a girl at the bar with an outfit that made you do a double-take, or maybe you’re completely infatuated with a fictional character’s wardrobe– I cannot be the only one who drools over Maeve Wiley’s look in Sex Education– but you’re dying to adopt the fashion trend. You don’t have to layer on the black eyeliner or dye your hair an unnatural color to achieve an edgy look– it’s a lot easier than you may think! Here are 10 accessories you can add to your closet that will spark your Sandy Olsson transformation.


I swear by fishnets. I must have close to ten pairs by now. Pair them with a skirt for a she-looks-sexy-but-I-would-never-touch-her-without-permission look, or wear them underneath ripped jeans for an extra edgy look. If you want to show a little more skin, wear a pair of shorts with them. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome will always be the same– straight fire.



A classic, and probably the easiest tweak you can make to an outfit to look more enticing. If you’re running late to class and only have time to throw on your favorite band tee with a pair of leggings, add the choker! It gives the illusion that you put a little more effort into getting ready than you actually did. No need to worry about your hair either– a messy bun is perfect for that IDGAF look.

Oversized Sweatshirt

Comfortable, functional, and adorable. An oversized sweatshirt is ideal for any outfit on a cool, brisk day. Wear it tucked into a pair of denim shorts, or pull them over the shorts for a cute sweater-dress style. A pair of Vans or dark boots will complete the look.


Flannels are a must, especially if you’re from New England. They make a great additional layer to wear when it’s cold out. And if the weather starts getting warm, wrap it around your waist! Look in the men’s section for higher-quality flannels that are bigger and more affordable.

Chunky Heels

They look hot and they’re much easier to walk in than regular heels. No more accidental ankle rolls (hopefully). Wear them with a skirt to if you’re feeling flirty, or with jeans for a more casual look. Adding fishnets to the outfit is never a bad idea.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans > an actual boyfriend. Wearing a pair of these will give you an immediate tomboy look. Play it up by wearing a graphic tee– tucked in or tied– or add a more feminine touch by pairing it with a cute crop top. Again… fishnets are encouraged.

Combat Boots

Once you get a pair of combat boots, you’ll never want to wear any other type of shoe. They can be worn in nearly any type of weather if they’re made of quality material, which means you can wear them with a dress in the Spring or leggings in the Winter. Either way, you’ll look like a baddie. You don’t have to splurge on a pair of Dr. Martens or Timberlands, cute pairs that are more reasonably priced can be found on Amazon and sometimes TJ Maxx!

Over-The-Knee Socks

They’re wicked cute and are an easy addition to any dress or outfit with a skirt. You can even wear them with jean shorts if you’re feelin’ it. A t-shirt dress (or an oversized t-shirt) with a jean jacket, fishnets, and over-the-knee socks is a simple and comfortable party look.



Duh! Of course a beanie had to make the list. It doesn’t have to be a black beanie either– a bright colored beanie that compliments an accent color of your outfit could tie any outfit together. It’s a must for colder days.

Faux Leather Jacket

Real leather is pricey, and we’re all college students on a budget here. Faux leather jackets are just as cute and more affordable (not to mention cruelty free). Any outfit you’d plan on wearing with a jean jacket– replace with a leather jacket instead. Instant intimidation.

Obviously dark lipstick is an easy go-to and can really help sell your edgy look. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative– you never know what the next new fashion trend could be. Whether you’re walking to class or on your way out on a Saturday night, strut with confidence!


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