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Would You Wear It? More Fall Trends to Try

Some of the hottest trends that tend to make us a little nervous to try! 

The Fur Coat
The fashion world continues to look for ways to renew our desire for luxury. Although it may be controversial at times, the fur coat has played a prominent role on the runway for several years. Designers like Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Just Cavalli use fur like there’s no tomorrow. With the cold weather approaching UMaine it might be the perfect time to try out this trend!

The Nerd Glasses
For quite some time now we have been observing a trend that we never imagined would be so successful: the nerd glasses. Yes, these are the typical glasses worn by “nerds” in movies and television series from the 80s. Large, square shaped and eye-catching, these glasses were first seen on celebrities but now they are all over the streets. No need for a prescription here, just a sense of style and a fearless attitude!

The Midi Skirt
Veni, vidi, vici… Mini, maxi, midi? First the mini, then the maxi and now the midi, the skirt that stops between your knee and your ankle. This fall, the quintessential female skirt is worn neither long nor short. This type of skirt is very versatile and offers various combinations that will work for both day and night. At first they may seem a bit complicated to wear and it is true that they can make you look a bit shorter. To avoid this, combine the midi skirt with a pair of heels, which helps elongate your figure. With the right accessories you can definitely turn the midi into a cool and chic look.

Glitter Shoes
This fall glitter shoes are no longer exclusively worn at nighttime or just for special events but now they are seen on the streets at all times. The new Miu Miu collection is full of glitter and lower priced stores have quickly echoed this trend. Adda touch of whimsy to your look, filling your feet with sparkle! Also check out these sparkly shoes featured in the picture from ALDO!

So what do you think, Black Bear Collegiette’s? Would YOU wear these trends? 

photo credit: google images

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