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This is Why Twenty One Pilots is a Must-See Band

This past weekend, I saw one of my favorite bands in the entire world – Twenty One Pilots at TD Garden in Boston. When I say that this was the best show I have seen in my ENTIRE LIFE, I’m not joking. As someone who identifies as a “person who goes to concerts” I almost feel like if I didn’t tell people about this show I’d be doing a disservice to others like me and quite honestly for anyone who enjoys the atmosphere that comes with sharing music and enjoying it with other people. Alright, let’s get into it.

            First off, the openers that they had did a great job at getting the audience ready. My friends and I missed the first opener, Max Frost, because we were running a little late getting on the T. We got to see AWOLNATION, who many people will know solely from their hit song “Sail” (cue the chorus playing in everyone’s head). Thankfully, their music goes far beyond one song and they as a whole are super talented. During their set you could tell everyone was anxious for the headliners to get on, but everyone was still having a great time vibing and jamming to great music.

            Now on to what you came to this article for: Twenty One Pilots. These guys put on an amazing show, from their nonstop energy, to their top-of-the-line visual and auditory effects, to the music itself. Part of the stage was literally on fire when they came on. The energy they had passed on to everyone in the crowd, which created a great atmosphere where I felt like I could sing my heart out and really get down to this music, which I shamelessly did.

Whenever you see a band, your first thought is always “I really hope they sound just as good live as they do when I listen to the album” and to say these guys delivered is an understatement. The atmosphere was amazing: people of all ages and walks of life were filling the sold out stadium and singing their hearts out the entire time.

My personal favorite person I saw was the younger girl sitting next to me who I assume was in her early teens and was going to one of her first concerts. She was clearly part of a fan group, as she was dressed head to toe in merchandise for the band and tweeting during breaks in the set. It reminded me that not long ago I was that person, finally seeing my favorite artist live and being absolutely in awe at the fact that they were real people performing for me and so many others.

To continue on my review of the band themselves, they constantly kept the crowd guessing, adding in two covers of Hey Jude by the Beatles, and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. They used the entire space of the stage, including the crowd multiple times. During their performance of “Holding Onto You” the frontman, Tyler Joseph, was literally being held up by the crowd. They also put the entire drumkit into the audience and the drummer, Josh Dun, jumped onto the drumkit from the sky deck. Talk about trusting your fans. The show ended with confetti cannons and their signature encore song, “Trees”, from their Vessel album (2013), and everyone celebrating the end of a great night.


These guys are super talented and fun to see, and they talked so much during breaks in the set about how much they appreciate their fans, which is getting more and more rare for artists these days. They also support the Red Sox, and were conveniently in Boston a few days before New England brought another title home. I’ll let you guys decide what that means if you’re superstitious, or even a little stitious, to quote Michael Scott. If you’re gonna go to one show this year, get yourself a ticket to a stop on the Bandito Tour and go jam out. I promise it’s worth it.

Quinn is an incoming fourth-year student at the University of Maine with a double major in Journalism and Political Science. She currently serves as a Campus Correspondent for the UMaine chapter as well as holding the position of editor in Chief! Outside of her involvement in Her Campus, she is involved in the dance department at the University of Maine and performs in the showcases each semester. Quinn enjoys writing articles focused on politics, government, and current events, and in February of this year published her Capstone research on political polarization in the American government. Upon graduation in the spring, she hopes to pursue a career in broadcast or print journalism, as well as obtaining a Master's degree in Journalism.  
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