What Happens When You Live With Your Best Friends

If you get along with your roommates, you know how amazing living with a group of your best friends can be. Even if you get on each others nerves, nothing beats living with some of your favorite people in the whole world. Here are some of the best parts of living with your best friends:


1. You know their schedule by heart, so when they’re even 5 minutes late getting home, you’re worried sick. 

2. You have a designated room you all hang out in, and all have your “spots” within that room. If anyone takes your spot, there is immediate tension. 

3. You all know which rooms have the best selfie lighting, and even get snaps of each other in different bedrooms. 

4. You Snapchat each other from the others bed when one of you isn’t home and you miss each other.

5. When they take your things, you really aren’t even mad because you know they’ll replace it/give it back if you ask.

6. You don’t bother asking to wear each others things anymore and aren’t surprised when you see them with your t-shirt on, because you’re wearing their scarf and booties. 

7. You finish each others sentences or say the exact same thing at the same time.

8. You trade groceries like pros. Your roomie can have a glass of your orange juice and lets you steal a water bottle and even a little flavor packet for it. 

9. You literally cannot be apart. You do homework in the same room, go on your laptops in the same bed, get ready to go out in the same bathroom, and sometimes even sleep in the same bed. 

10. You have a Netflix show you all watch together and when one person watches ahead and ruins the vibe.

11. When one person mentions pizza, you all just give each other "the look" because you know your dinner plans are out the window and you're totally getting pizza. 

12. You make your semester schedules together so you always have someone to carpool with. 

13. You motivate each other to go to the gym... and when neither of you want to go, you snuggle in bed together and don't judge each other.

14. You have face mask Mondays and other special routines that are sacred. You all look forward to them all week. 

15. When shopping, you know what not to buy because your roomies have a piece just like that that your can steal whenever you want.


Basically, nothing is better than living with your best friends. You only get a few years with them so appreciate every second!


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