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This week’s movie review: Rush!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.




A review by Maria NeCastro of http://girlwiththemovieblog.blogspot.com


A chronicle of the real-life feud between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda, this film, directed by Ron Howard, stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl.  


The scene is set from the beginning with one character saying, “Men love women — but even more than that, men love cars!” This perfectly describes Hemsworth’s performance as James Hunt, a playboy with a need for speed, success, and fame. 


The character of Niki Lauda, an Austrian who bought his way into the racing world, brings duality to the storyline.  While Hemsworth’s good looks and acting go a long way, what really makes this movie worth watching is the sheer talent of Daniel Brühl in the role of Lauda. 


This film illustrates a relationship between the two drivers that can be described as passionate rivalry.  Throughout the plot, it becomes difficult to decide which of the racers to root for.  The viewer’s gut feeling may be to cheer for Hunt (since a photo of Hemsworth’s face is the image that was chosen for the movie posters), but at the same time Lauda’s near-death racing experience is one of this year’s most compelling on-screen stories. 


The leading ladies of this film are also phenomenal.  As Hunt says to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Suzy Miller (model and wife of Elizabeth Taylor’s former husband, Richard Burton), played by Olivia Wilde, “Don’t go to men who are willing to kill themselves driving in circles looking for normality.”  Wilde’s performance is fairly short, yet powerful, as she attempts to work through the struggles of being married to a professional racer.  The real female star of this movie, however, is Alexandra Maria Lara who plays Lauda’s wife, Marlene. It is rare when an actress comes along who can give a performance with just the look on her face, encapsulating deep emotions.   


While this movie is over two hours long, the overall quality is consistent.  It is artfully fascinating, terrifying, and thrilling.  


Grade: A


Taylor is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Maine and one of Her Campus UMaine's campus correspondants. Taylor was born right outside of Philadephia, Pennsylvania, but spent summers teaching sailing on Vinalhaven, Maine. Taylor also produces video for The Maine Campus, and loves making videos.