Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming right up and if you’re in a relationship, you know what that means: time to panic and plan a date.  While this can be stressful, try not to sweat it!  Valentine’s Day is just a wonderful excuse to celebrate love so if you just focus on that, you really can’t lose.  Still need some date inspo though to really show them you care?  Below are some great ideas for this Valentine’s Day!


Tour of a Brewery: Calling all couples over the age of 21! This is a fun way to spend time with your loved one and drink some great beer while you’re at it!


Go Ice Skating: Since we live in New England, we are more limited in what we can actually do around this time of year.  But fear not!  Ice skating is a romantic and active way to spend Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re a pro or a complete spazz on the ice, this date will be sure to bring the laughs and love.


Cook for Your Significant Other:  Enjoy cooking and can’t get a last-minute reservation to your favorite restaurant? This one is for you! Find out your partners favorite food and start cooking!


Postpone Valentine’s Day and Splurge on Tickets: Think it’s too late to plan something great?  Buy tickets to a basketball game, hockey game, or concert for you two enjoy at a later date