An Update on Kylie Jenner that we all Need Right Now

Is Kylie Jenner missing her old life? At 20 years old most young adults are focused on going to college, entering the work force, trying to establish who they are and creating a life for the first time on their own. That being said Kylie Jenner is not like most 20 year olds. Living such a lavish lifestyle, buying her own mansion at 18, dating multiple rappers and with a net worth of around 50 million.

The world has been waiting and watching for the day in early February where Kylie revealed the birth of her new daughter Stormi. As if the evidence of Kylie’s disappearance from social media for nine months, wasn’t proof enough of her baby with Travis Scott. The world was still shaken.

Upon the release of her pregnancy, Kylie also shared a very personal video from her time out of the spotlight. The video shared moments spent with boyfriend Travis Scott and close family and friends. Along with an inside look at doctors appointments and of course the progression of her pregnancy through selfies.

Even with all the glitz, glam and excitement around Kylie’s pregnancy. Sources are saying Kylie is missing parts of her old life. The star being very popular on social media had a hard time staying hidden for so long. Where the next few months will be spent close to her baby, she is ready to go back to her “normal life”. With as many big changes that come to being a parent, as wells the world watching you. Is there any sort of normal to return to?

As far as the future is concerned, a very close eye will continue to be held on The Kardashian/ Jenner family.  It is only predictable that the Kardashian sisters, and Kris Jenner will have the upper hand in the upbringing of Stormi. As well as the Kardashian clan influencing baby Stormi, Caitlyn Jenner will have much to say about the first granddaughter. The world will be watching. Will the be raised more by Kris then Kylie, or will Kylie’s entire lifestyle change from teenager to full on mom.