Ultimate Tropical Spring Break Packing List

If you’re flying somewhere tropical for spring break, there are a few key essentials you’ll need!  For your convenience, we have cultivated a list of must-have items that you won’t want to forget.


For Your Carry On

-Books for the plane/beach


-Cell phone





-Water bottle

-Change of clothes



In Your Suitcase: Clothes

-Bathing suits (at least two)

-Tank tops




-Sun dresses


-Sleeping clothes

-Plenty of underwear and bras

-Small cross-body bag



Optional Clothes

-Athletic wear

-“Going out” tops

-Nice dress  

-Open toed heels



In Your Suitcase: Toiletries/Miscellaneous

-Face cleanser

-Moisturizer (preferably with sunscreen)




-Hair products


-Hair brush


-Beach towel