Tips for Maine Winters

At UMaine, sadly, the cold weather is here. While it seems like fall only just began, it’s already November, and in Maine, that typically means snow. Orono winters are frigid and windy, making it very easy to want to stay curled up in bed to avoid the weather. This is no way to live, however, and we all must stay productive despite the approaching snow. As someone who is only comfortable in 70-degree weather and is freezing cold with anything lower, I understand the pain of winter. I have gathered my best tips for staying energized and warm during the coldest months at college.

1. Invest in the right winter gear!

To stay even remotely comfortable during a Maine winter, you need a good jacket. Generally, a nice, warm jacket will be a bit expensive so always look out for sales or for options at thrift stores. My winter jacket is from L.L.Bean, and it reaches to just above my knees. I love this length because it protects 2⁄3 of my body from the cold! Also, make sure you have gloves, a scarf, a hat, and winter boots. Gloves are something I find very important; I usually wear them whenever I am outside in the wintertime because my hands feel like they will fall off my body if I don’t, something other self-proclaimed cold-blooded people can attest to. Because they are both cute and quite warm, Bean Boots are my recommendation for winter boots. You can’t walk around campus in the winter without seeing a pair of Bean Boots!

2. Eat properly and drink plenty of water!

Eating three meals a day as well as snacks will fill you up and keep you energized for the day. In the wintertime, getting enough to eat is especially important because the cold temperatures can drain your energy faster than normal. Our bodies work harder in the winter to keep us warm, so remember to listen to what your body wants. Drinking water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help to keep your immune system healthy. Getting sick in the winter, though often inevitable, makes bearing the weather even worse. Why not try to avoid a cold if you can? The cold weather also tends to dry out the body, so make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. This will help soothe your body internally and externally.

3. Attempt to keep a positive mindset!

Nothing will stop the temperature from dropping. At some point, you just have to accept that the winter will be cold and long, and embrace it! If you have never tried a winter sport, maybe give it a try. Maine has lots of trails for snowshoeing and mountains for skiing, things that may be a great fit for you. If you'd rather not spend time outside, then use the wintertime to read books or watch movies while admiring the winter wonderland outside. In the end, just remember that the cold is not forever; the warmth will soon return.