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Our whole lives we have known what is coming next. We entered middle school anxious and excited that our next step would be high school. We thought that high schoolers were so grown up and had their lives together. When we finally got to high school we realized that was all a lie, and we were just a bunch of socially awkward teenagers excited about prom and getting our licenses. In high school, you may not know where you are going to attend college but you know that is the next step. Four more years at an establishment of your choice. You could have said, “the world is our oyster.”

Now, at 22 years old, I sit on a couch in my apartment thinking of how in just under 6 weeks, I have zero clue what is going to happen. For the first time in our lives, the next some-odd years are not laid out for us. You do not have to complete a specific set of courses, or get a particular grade, to move forward. We took the classes and are getting the degree— it is all done. Yeah sure, we chose the major we wanted because we have hopes of going forth and getting a job in a particular field, but you can be so blissfully unaware of where you will live or work after you cross that stage.

Am I scared? No. Am I excited? Yes. The thought of the unknown of what is coming next lights this fire within me to want to achieve something great. I want to get a job that I am passionate about and move to a place I have never been. Experience something that makes me uncomfortable.s it scary to not know the next step in life? Of course. As young adults, we have to use this unknown to our advantage and seek something that sets our souls on fire and gives us the happiness we always knew we deserved.

Emma Graham

U Maine '23

A senior communication major passionate about sharing advice about all things college.