A Survival Kit Guide to Self Care

Our summer survival kits are in and fair warning they make me desperately wish I was lying on a beach at this very moment. But since finals are looming that beach dream will have to wait just a few more days during this final push to summer. So instead I’ll be using these survival kit goodies as a #selfcare and mental health reprieve to make it to May 12th. Here’s how:


First and fore most when it comes to taking care of yourself a facemask should always be the first. I love freeman beauty masks like these because they smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g and they leave my skin refreshed and glowing!

Next up is a good shower and now that winter is over, freshly shaven legs. No girl will argue with you about how amazing that feeling is. So lucky for us, we got our hands on some Schick Quattro razors and Skintimate shaving cream and skin conditioner. My legs have literally never felt so soft.

I am a firm believer in the whole “look good, feel good” philosophy so thank god for Bed Head by TIGI products because after using their detangler gel mist, my hair look and smells fantastic (and yes confidence is important good for mental health!).

I also have to give a big shout out to the Buxom Cosmetics lipsticks, this one in Dolly, because one thing to know about me is I am a lipstick lover and it is all the better when it’s a lip plumper too!

My final to keys for #selfcare out of this survival kit are Krazy Glue and Her Campus. Krazy Glue is just what I need to piece my life back together after the struggles of finals, or in a more literal use fix my sandals that inevitably seem to break every summer. Her Campus will always be my college study break and instant stress reliever!