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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

For many, this holiday season will be the first family get-togethers since the pandemic started. As you may be seeing relatives that haven’t seen you in years, it’s important to dress in a style that makes you comfortable, but also reflects the growth you have experienced and where you are in life. 

In this article I have included some ideas for cute, stylish outfits to wear to your holiday celebrations this year. This comes from the point of view of someone who is not overwhelmingly creative in her style, but tries to pair timeless and trending fashions together. In shopping for some of these pieces, I encourage you to look at secondhand shops first, such as Curtsy or Depop. 

  1. Keep It Cute and Comfy

Wear your favorite pair of mom jeans and a plain, tight turtleneck with a flannel, sweater vest, or puffy vest. Accessorize it with a cute pair of heeled booties and a statement necklace or pair of earrings. 

  1. Casual and Classic

The classic winter outfit of boots, long socks, tights, a buttoned skirt, and a turtleneck is a holiday staple. Do you even celebrate the holidays if you don’t have at least one cousin or aunt show up in this fit? Although this outfit flatters everyone, there are ways to make it stand out. Add a sweater vest, plaid patterned skirt or turtleneck, a women’s neck tie or small scarf, or a headband or other hair accessory. 

  1. A Pop of Plaid

Plaid is a given when it comes to festive outfit planning. Whether you wear a plaid dress, plaid flannel, plaid skirt and sweater set, or a plaid scarf, a pop of plaid is a necessity for seasonal outfits. 

  1. Fancy Festive Fit

For some, the holidays are a chance to dress to impress. If your holiday get-together is more formal than casual, here are a few dressier outfit ideas. A winter-colored satin dress would be the perfect blend of trend and season. A dress with long sleeves and a mid-length hem would also be fitting for the holiday. 

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