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Students who Break the Binary: Jho Rhamos

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Something that many of my readers don’t know about me is that I’m non-binary. This means I don’t identify as either a man or a woman, but it can mean a lot of different things for different people. Since I came out in late April, I’ve actively sought out other non-binary people within my community who I find powerful, creative, and inspiring. This series, “Students Who Break The Binary,” focuses on non-binary students who are changing the world around them while breaking the binary and societal expectations. 

    One of the first students I interviewed for this series is Jho Rhamos. Rhamos, who uses they/them pronouns and hails from Bangor, Maine, is a recent graduate of Hampden Academy. They are a creative and free-spirited person with a variety of passions, interests, and aspirations – one of their most prominent interests being voice acting. 

    “My dream is to become a voice actor,” Rhamos stated. “That’s a little difficult- thanks to my prior acting experience being as dry as the Sahara! But, I’ve been able to create connections to the industry and it’s given me a bit of a head start!”

Jho did note that there are some difficulties that non-binary voice actors face in their field, specifically related to representation and recognition of their identities. For example, Voquent.com, a website aimed at hiring voice actors, only formally recognized non-binary gender identities last year.  Additionally, Jho pointed out that there were “very few non-binary people within the field and even fewer that actually book credited roles.” 

This is a struggle that they may have to navigate once they do more work in the field — but one I am sure they will get through with grit, grace, and strength. 

In order to achieve their goal of becoming a voice actor, Jho is about to take classes related to the field online at Blumvox Studios, a California based school operating remotely under the direction of a famous voice actor, Steve Blum. 

However, it’s important to note that this is not the only one of Jho’s interests. In fact, they enjoy a variety of other hobbies that aren’t entirely related to their field. One of their most intense interests is art- during our interview, Jho showed me a sketch-book full of their artwork, which mostly consisted of anime-style drawings of people. In addition to their art, Jho also is passionate about video games, which they have both played and designed throughout their life.

Jho is a passionate, well-rounded person. Their creativity, theatricality, passion for the arts and technology, and perseverance are bound to take them far in life.

Evangelia Suleiman (who has previously written under the byline “Evan Suleiman”) is a double major in Political Science and Journalism at the University of Maine. They love writing with a passion, and have been published by organizations including The Maine Campus, Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Vocal Media, and the Portland Press Herald. Evangelia’s interests include politics, writing, reading, music, travel, and quality time with their friends. Evangelia typically writes about politics, LGBT+ issues, and socio-cultural affairs. One day, they hope to become either a reporter or an opinion writer at a more professional level and obtain their masters degree in journalism.