Sorority Saturday: Olivia Murphy of Delta Phi Epsilon

Olivia Murphy of Delta Phi Epsilon is our first feature this semester for Sorority Saturday!

As a fourth-year Elementary Education major with an Interdisciplinary Studies minor, Olivia is a busy woman between her academics, Greek life commitments, clubs, and her current position as a student-teacher. Olivia joined Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) in her first year at UMaine. She said that she knew DPhiE was the best fit for her when she realized that her own “personal values fit well with the chapter’s values and ideal”. She also added that the women she met in the chapter were people whom she could look up to and were women that she knew would push her to be the best possible version of herself that she could be during her time in the organization. This is a sentiment that so many of the women in Greek Life on our campus share and can relate to, so it is incredible to hear what the draw of Greek life is and can be from such a driven and successful woman. 

Olivia has held multiple positions in her chapter, these positions being that of Vice President of Academic Affairs, New Member Educator, Special Events Coordinator, T-Shirt Chair, and Sunshine Chair. In these positions, Olivia has shared her passion for academics, her love for her sorority, and the importance of networking due to the strong and meaningful connections that she has made in her chapter with current and future sisters. Most recently, Olivia was the President of the Gamma Rho chapter of DPhiE from Spring 2019 to Fall 2019. When asked about her experience as President of her chapter, Olivia said “ I have grown so much in this past year, striving to be a role model for my chapter. I know my sisters are capable of great things and it has been such a joy being able to support them in discovering what that might look like or be.” If you ever have the pleasure of listening to Olivia speak about her chapter, her love, and support for all the women who end up in DPhiE is apparent.

As she looks back on her first year, Olivia credits not only her chapter but the leadership positions she has held as granting her the opportunity to engage with so many sisters and the catalyst that encouraged her growth into a confident leader. Olivia even speaks to the whole of the Greek community, quoted as saying that “By having a support system of not only my sisters, but also other members of the community, I’ve taken risks and pushed myself to try new things, which has allowed me to grow and find how I can be the best me.” further demonstrating the deep ties this community can have and the impact on the individual those ties can cultivate.

In addition to her involvement in DPhiE, Olivia is the President of the Order of Omega, was previously the Vice President of Academics on the Panhellenic Council, a member of the student Maine Education Association and a member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society as well. On top of all of these commitments, Olivia works as a student teacher with elementary-aged children this semester. In addition to her positions and student teaching, her volunteer experience includes the Maine Day Meal Pack Out, Maine Hello, Take Pride for Acadia, visits to the Ronald McDonald House, and providing aid for CultureFest. Olivia has done so much for her chapter, the University of Maine, and the community that surrounds our university. 

Ultimately, Olivia’s aspiration is to become a first-grade teacher, citing that she has found a passion for both teaching and being present and active within the classroom environment which has only solidified due to her recent experience as a student-teacher. Olivia says that she specifically wants to “create a classroom for students that becomes their home, where they can learn, grow, and challenge themselves.” She’s jumping right into the workforce after graduation because she is eager to get into teaching in the classroom setting, but she also has a future goal of graduate school! Olivia is such a light in our community due to her warm, inviting, and driven outlook. We can expect to see incredible things from Olivia as a future teacher and her future (and current!) students are so lucky to have her - just as we have been! Her Campus can’t wait to see you thrive and best of luck with your last semester, Olivia! 

I’ll leave you all with a little bit of advice from Olivia, that she would have liked to go back in time and tell her first-year self:

“Seize every opportunity you are given; run for the leadership position you have been eyeing, volunteer for the organization that you’ve connected with, and have brunch with the sister/brother/friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Looking back at my time in college, I have seen how each small moment has added up to where I am now and wouldn’t take anything back!”