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Sorority Saturday: Bradlyn McEttrick (Delta Phi Epsilon)

This week’s Sorority Saturday is Bradlyn McEttrick of the University of Maine’s Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE), Gamma Rho chapter. She is currently a fourth-year Marine Science major. She has consistently held a leadership position every single year of being in DPhiE. Her freshman year, she was the health and wellness coordinator, and from her sophomore into junior year, she was Vice President of Programming. This year, she is the Alumni Coordinator and Senior Programmer. 

Outside of her sorority, she works at Walmart and Spotlight Cinemas in Orono. She also contributes to the Leslie Lab, a lab at the University of Maine focusing on how the ecosystem and climate affect people and the environment. She is a new member of the Sunrise Movement on campus, which is a program to help prevent climate change and advocate for the Green New Deal. Lastly, she is involved in the Circle of Sisterhood, a panhellenic foundation that gives women around the world opportunities through education. 

Delta Phi Epsilon’s core values are justice, sisterhood, and love. Along with these values, there is something known as the pearl program. This is a personal development program that allows sisters to strive to be better every year. It consists of 5 S’s: Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, Socials, and Self. This program is designed for sisters to improve themselves while also improving their communities. There are three foundations that DPhiE’s philanthropy events go towards Cystic Fibrosis, ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders), and the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. To raise money to donate, they host a few philanthropy events throughout the year. Typically, they host Capture a Cure in the fall. It is fun to capture the flag tournament where different organizations compete. Another big philanthropy event they host is ANAD week, which is when the table at the union, holds self-love events and educates students on the mission and importance of the organization. In the spring, they host an event called the 65 Roses Gala, which is a silent auction where companies will donate products to auction off. They also have small food fundraisers, where people can donate to their foundations through participating restaurants such as Chipotle.

    When I asked Bradlyn how she knew she was home in DPhiE, she told a heartwarming story about the support she received from her sisters during a difficult time. Just before her freshman year, she found out her nana was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

    “When I went through recruitment, one of the girls asked me, ‘What would you do if you won the lottery?’ and I said, ‘I would give it to my grandmother.’ I explained to her the whole situation and I actually started crying, and she started crying. She was very supportive of me even though I barely knew who she was.”

    When her friend from school passed away shortly after recruitment, they supported her once again even though they barely knew her. They were also supportive during the good times, celebrating with her when her nana was free of breast cancer. For Bradlyn, they instantly became her family.

 Her favorite memory being in Greek life was her second big-little reveal. She and her first little were getting their own littles, making her a grand little AND a big to yet another little. To make the reveal super special, her and her little hid in boxes alongside each other. It was such a nice moment for her because she got to meet her new little and grand little, establishing their brand new family. 

Being in DPhiE allowed her to build a lot of confidence. She has had so many opportunities to reach out to people. She also learned a lot more about how to talk in front of groups of people and lead them. When asking her what advice she had for women contemplating Greek life, she said, 

“I know that the process can seem daunting and long, and it can be scary viewing the media of how the world sees Greek Life, but we’re not like that. We do care about each other and we love each other.” 

When talking to Bradlyn, it was so clear how much love she had for these women. The stories shared about her times spent with them were truly amazing and inspiring. She is a wonderful representation of Delta Phi Epsilon through her deep love for sisterhood and philanthropy, along with her involvement in and out of her sorority. This is why she was picked as this week’s Sorority Saturday!

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