Selena Gomez's Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez has won the hearts of many, and not just by her looks. Many are inspired from her generosity, personality, humor, and the genuine love she has for her fans. Many would have never guessed that the popular pop singer had underwent any type of surgery so recently since she had kept that part of her life pretty private. That all changed as Gomez opened up about her kidney transplant on Instagram (on September 14th to be exact) by posting the picture below of her and her best friend Francia and her in the hospital.  Her caption explained to all her fans a little bit of what Gomez had underwent during the summer months, which explained why she hadn’t been as active on social media. Selena used her social media platform to not only publicly thank her close friend Francia for donating her kidney, but to also bring awareness to Lupus. This disease as stated by Gomez isn’t much talked about, yet still affects a great amount of people. Thank you Selena for bringing attention to this disease and making others aware of it. Your strength and courage to open up about such a terrifying and exhausting time in your life is admirable. We love you and wish you a fast recovery! 


Photos: 1, 2 courtesy of Selena Gomez's instagram