Profile: Katelyn McPherson

Basic Facts

Name: Katelyn McPherson

Hometown: Presque Isle, Maine

Relationship status: Independent woman that don’t need no man.

Sign: Capricorn aka the GOAT

Twitter: @k8mcpherson

Instagram: @k8mcpherson

Birthday: January 14th, lucky enough to share with my beautiful mother that ironically gave birth to a perfect child on her birthday!  

Campus Life

Major:  Double w/ Psychology & Child Development & Family Relations

Year: I’M GRADUATING THIS WEEK aka I’m a senior

Why UMaine: Mostly because I was dead set against coming here until I did a student tour on an 80 degree day in March and everything changed. In-state tuition is also pretty tempting.

How are you involved on campus? Active Minds, Her Campus, Vine Club (RIP), Red Room Crew


Best friends: 2Pleasant, Ryan/Preston/Calan/Jared when he isn’t yelling at me, my estranged mother Liv Doody, Kerrbeargardner, the 26 girls in the group text that all rock my world, the Bangor/88/86 crew, & basically anyone that would be at 98 on a Thurs/Fri/Sat night, especially Paul Edman

Best place to meet people at UMaine: The Red Room at Fogler (s/o to all my library crushes over the years)

Best professor: Ian Cameron

Best class: Toss up between Grief, Death & Dying with Ian Cameron & Social Psych with Dufour

Best thing to do on the weekends here: Working at Buffalo Wild Wings while also spending as much time as possible with those mentioned in the “Best Friends” category


Favorite song to dance to at a party: Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners -really gets me going

Favorite song to listen to alone while driving your car:  Anything by The Lumineers

Favorite place to eat in Orono: Woodman’s

Favorite thing about Her Campus: It gives me the opportunity to do something I enjoy (write) for a group of people that can relate to the random thoughts I have about college. This has ranged from complaining about parking to going out problems, but the best thing about Her Campus is the opportunity to reach a larger audience while writing in my own voice and about what I think is funny or important about UMaine!

Her Campus:

How long have you been involved with Her Campus? Since my Junior year

Why should people get involved with Her Campus? Like I said, my favorite thing is when I write about something that started as a random thought and ends with someone telling me they read my article and liked it.

What will you miss most about Her Campus? I’ll miss keeping up with writing.  Her Campus has held me to kind of a deadline so that prompts me to write and think about something I would put to paper instead of keeping in my head.


Union or Bears Den? I go to the Union more, but Bear’s Den is where it’s at  

Roost or Bear Brew? Roost unless Justine is on the Bear Brew dance floor then I’m there

Fall semester or spring semester? Fall semester.  I know a lot of October babies and I love Halloween- also HOMECOMING

Top Three’s

What are the top three things on your bucket list? I need to get to Europe and Australia, I want to buy my Dad a Ferrari, and I want to own a beach-front home in New England.

What are the top three things about graduating? I won’t have anymore homework, I’ll make adult money, I can call myself “an alum” around my friends to annoy them  

What are the top three things you will miss most about UMaine? Honestly very difficult to pick just a top three because I’m pretty emotional about graduating and I love UMaine, but:

  1. My friends. I’ve met some of the best individuals I have in my life in the past four years and I like hanging out with them.
  2. The ability to justify anything. No I shouldn’t go out, I really need to save money, yes I should probably study, potentially I should work out- but I definitely NEED to hang out with my friends because I graduate in a week and then obviously will never see them again right?
  3. Learning. I like to learn and have educated conversations with my classmates and professors. I will not miss long lectures or homework AT ALLLLLL, but I’ll miss the fun classes I could chat with classmates and professors in.

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