Product Review | Campus Survival Skincare Pack by Innisfree

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            This week, our Her Campus chapter received a skincare “care package” with sample sized products and a full-sized sheet mask from the K-beauty brand Innisfree. This package’s featured ingredient was green tea, and it came with four steps: the My Real Squeeze sheet mask, the Intensive Hydrating Serum, the Intensive hydrating eye cream, and the Intensive Hydrating Cream. I am a lover of all types of skincare, and I wanted to give a full review of this kit, including how my skin felt the next morning! I will also be outlining the steps that they give in the packet, as well as the products I used that were not included in the kit.


Part 1: Night Time Treatment

Step 1: Double Cleansing

Products Used:

  • Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser for combination and oily skin

Ulta Beauty, $15. or in store

  • Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (Moisturizing)

Target, $4.99. or in store

            This step is key in any Korean skincare routine, but “double cleansing” doesn’t just mean that you wash your face with the same cleanser twice. First, you use an oil-based cleanser, such as cold cream, baby oil, or any other oil-based makeup remover, and follow with a water-based cleanser to remove any impurities left behind. These two products are some of my holy grails when it comes to skincare, because they are gentle yet they still do a great job at clearing breakouts, cleaning off makeup, and refining your skin tone.

Step 2 (optional, necessary if you are doing a face mask): Toner

Products Used:

  • Rodan and Fields Unblemish Toner (Clarifying)

Rodan and Fields, $43.00. or through independent seller

            Toning your skin was a step that was suggested by the directions on the face mask, so I decided to use yet another product that I recommend highly from the Rodan and Fields Unblemish line. I have been using this regimen for a couple of years now and it has cleared my skin better than any other product I have ever used. It is usually part of a four-step kit, but as I am in the middle of transitioning into a new set of products, I am using up what I have left.

Step 3 (usually a couple of times a week): The Mask

Products Used:

  • Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask (Green Tea flavor)

Innisfree, $1.50.

            This mask is AMAZING. I am usually partial to my cream/peel off/gel masks, but this sheet mask was really something else. Not only did it immediately make my skin feel tighter, more moisturized, and just overall healthier, it was the perfect size for my face, which is something that I often have a problem with when it comes to sheet masks. This mask also did not leave a film or residue on my face, and the leftover ingredients in the mask absorbed into my skin pretty fast and left a nice tingling sensation, followed by a rush of coolness to my face that kind of felt like water. I will definitely be purchasing a mask (or many) after I finish using up the sample kits we received!

Step 4: Replenish

Products Used:

  • Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed

Innisfree, $25 for 2.7 fl. oz full size.

            Usually I do not use a serum after a face mask or other skincare “treats” I let myself have, mainly because the moisturizer I usually use is a water-based, hydrating moisturizer (you can find it here). However, this serum is one of the only ones I have tried that doesn’t make my skin feel oily, which is something I struggle with because of my oily/combination skin type. Overall I would definitely recommend this product as it didn’t overwhelm my skin, while still helping to balance my skin’s optimal moisture levels.

Step 5: Target

Products Used:

  • Innisfree Hydrating Eye Cream with Green Tea Seed

Innisfree, $23 for 1.01 fl. oz full size.

            Eye cream is one of those skincare products that I believe you should have in your skincare kit by the age of 18. Although they can be expensive sometimes, I truly think they are worth it because they help to protect some of the most sensitive skin on your face. The directions on the sample packet instructed that it be applied gently, using light tapping motions with your ring finger, as this finger applies the least amount of pressure to your face (thanks Michelle Phan for teaching me this way back in 2011!). Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of moisture and lack of oily feeling that this product gave me. It is smooth and thick while somehow feeling light on the skin, and definitely made my skin feel better after I applied it.

Step 6: Moisturize

Products Used:

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Cream with Green Tea Seed

Innisfree, $23 for 1.69 fl. oz full size.

            I am often picky with the type of moisturizers that I use, again because of the fact that my skin tends to overproduce oil sometimes. I do like this moisturizer, but I am slightly worried that it may offset the balance of moisture and oil in my skin. It smells great and feels really nice and smooth, but we will see what happens in the morning when I wake up! Overall though, I would recommend this product for someone who has drier skin year-round and is looking for something that does not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that you don’t recognize.

Step 7: Protect

Products Used:

I skipped this step (SORRY) because I am going to bed after I finish this section of the article

Recommended Products:

Innisfree Daily UV Protection Mild Cream, SPF 36

Innisfree, $9 for 1.69 fl. oz full size.

            Usually the last step to a Korean skincare routine is to apply a light sunscreen over your face to protect it from harmful, damaging UV rays that can contribute to premature aging of the skin. However, because I was going to bed (and because I don’t have a face sunscreen right now) I did not apply a sunscreen.

After I applied all of these products, I went to bed in order to let the products have a full night’s trial run on my skin.

Part 2: The Next Morning/Next Day

This morning I was honestly so excited to wake up and see the effects that this (lengthy) routine had on my skin, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that although it required about three different moisturizing products, my skin was soft and moisturized but not oily. On top of this, it also helped my makeup go on smoother and make my skin less textured overall. I am really pleased with the results I got when using these products and I definitely think that I will be investing in them long-term!

Overall after researching this brand and the ingredients they use, as well as their price point and the amount of product you get, I would recommend the brand as they are pretty affordable for skincare and the quality of products that they offer. If you are looking to upgrade your skincare, here are a few more brands that I would recommend that are high quality at a low price.