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Navigating Northern Maine’s Fall Wardrobe

Native Northern Mainers know that up here our weather is typically 20°degrees colder than the rest of New England when October rolls around. I’m not one to complain though, I can sweat through a thick cardigan in the peak of January. Students at the University of Maine can be categorized into two groups: those shivering in a winter coat as soon as the first leaf drops, and those who trudge through snow banks in shorts and Bean Boots. 

During the month of October, depending on if the sun decides to come out that day, you’re looking at either 50° or 65° by noon; and that 15° makes all the difference. Say you have an 8:00 A.M. class but you’re stuck on campus until 3:00 P.M., are you really ready to commit to your polyester sweater all day? I can’t be the only one that finds comfort in the crisp fall air, and dreads entering the over-furnaced buildings on campus. Your wardrobe can be a tricky thing to navigate during Northern Maine’s finicky fall weather. So here’s how I manage to stay warm, stay stylish, and steer clear of sweat stains.

It’s all about the layers babe! It’s the best way to avoid overheating after hauling your backpack up the stairs. Once you’ve reached your destination indoors, you can just take off the layers that are causing you to sweat. Fill your closet with cardigans, collared shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, and faux fur coats. The key to comfort is having a variety of solid colored long sleeve undershirts so you never run out of variations. My personal favorite is a collared shirt underneath a sweater vest of some kind, giving you that optimal sweat proof style. I am also never opposed to spicing it up with a dress or skirt. There is never a shortage of colorful or fleece lined tights on the market. 

Don’t feel like wearing jeans and the breeze is going right through your Lulu leggings? There IS a solution with sweatpants involved. Any outfit lacking that oomphf can be fixed with a cute little beanie, or you can even throw a fun patterned scarf on top! Bonus points if you wear a cool colored sneaker to distract your classmates from the hoodie/crewneck you’ve been wearing twice a week. 

Whatever your style or comfort level, there are so many options to choose from. There are Pinterest boards for everything. That’s typically where I pull my inspiration from, because some days you just want to switch it up. Whether you prefer preppy, gothic, athleisure, boho, granola, skater girl, or a downright whimsical aesthetic, there is no reason bundling up should compromise your outfits! 

Corin Proctor

U Maine '23

Hey, I'm Corin! I am a junior at UMaine, and a journalism major. When I’m not writing for my personal blog, you can find my advice / opinion articles on here.
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