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Natasha’s Guide to What Order to Watch Your Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Episodes in this Thanksgiving Holiday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Every Thanksgiving, no matter where I’m at or what the festivities are, I always watch Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episodes with sparkling apple cider in hand and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes on my plate. This has been a tradition, one that I’ve shared with my best friend over the years (here’s to you, Carolina) and one that I’ve shared with my little sister. So after many rewatches, there you have it – my justifications on why you should watch the episodes in a specific order from the first to the fifth.

Season 3, Episode 11: The Treasure of Serena Madre

If you know Gossip Girl like I do, this is THE Thanksgiving Episode. Amongst an affair with a Congressmen, parents hiding secrets, fights amongst siblings, not so happy family reunions, unrequited love, blackmail and everything else served up on the Thanksgiving menu at the Van Der Woodsen’s, the highlight of this episode is the table scene. Not only is “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo playing in the background, but everyone dramatically leaves the table one by one so that they can have the last word ending the Thanksgiving dinner before it even begins – making this number one!

Season 6, Episode 8: It’s Really Complicated

Serena Van Der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey are back together again in this Thanksgiving episode and they are throwing their first Thanksgiving as a couple who are back together after a number of breakups and makeups (sorry I’ve never been Team Dan and Serena). Parents, exes, friends, and more are invited to this meal making it quite an awkward “family” affair – as one can imagine. The dinner itself is full of schemes, backhanded commentary, exes trying to win their way back and surprise, a release of Dan Humphrey’s book chapter about Serena which is not well received by either Serena or the group of friends. However, Nate Archibald punching Dan Humphrey in the face was the BEST ten seconds of this episode and puts it at number two on my list!

Season 4, Episode 10: Gaslit

Everyone is brought together by a member of the family being hospitalized – Serena Van Der Woodsen. This is after she was drugged by Juliet Sharpe – long story short, Juliet was seeking revenge for her brother being charged with statutory rape thanks to Serena’s mother forging an affidavit and signature. The whole scheme comes out due to a confession from none other than our very own, Jenny Humphrey, and Juliet Sharpe flees town. However, not without visiting her brother who is in jail with Nate Archibald’s father – small world! The thanksgiving aspect of this episode is more in the background in this one, but it was heartwarming to see all of the family and friend’s come together during the holidays in the ending montage – putting this at number three!

Season 1, Episode 9: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

As promising as this one seemed, especially with the first song in the episode being “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado, this is the poster episode for the “a lot can change in a year” saying. This episode has flashbacks to the Thanksgiving a year prior which includes Dan Humphrey being called “Dave” by a very drunk Serena Van Der Woodsen who now, a year later, is eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Humphrey household with her brother and mother in tow. As usual, a huge secret blows up the dinner – the secret being Serena’s mother and Dan’s father used to date. Truthfully, this seemed a little blown out of proportion (although their children dating is a little weird) but the jealous mother and wife trope was a little much, especially with more serious issues being addressed such as Blair Waldorf’s recovery and relapse with Bulimia, Nate Archibald’s father overdosing, and Blair Waldorf’s mother coming to terms with signing her divorce papers – ranking this at number four on my list.

Season 2, Episode 11: The Magnificent Archibalds

This episode had a lot of potential, yet the Thanksgiving aspect of this one felt a little out of place. A lot of issues come to light – Nate Archibald’s dad coming back from fleeing the country and nearly putting his son and wife up for ransom, Jenny Humphrey attempting to emancipate herself from her father and Bart Bass having lengthy and huge files on the whole Van Der Woodsen family, however the main issue being Serena Van Der Woodsen’s attempt to reinvent herself with her new boyfriend only to have her jealous ex-boyfriend (*cough* Dan Humprey) stand in the way of that. There are a lot of homecomings and make-ups, but the Thanksgiving aspect of this one fell a little short in my book which is why I put it at number five!

Here’s hoping, unlike these episodes where no one seems to finish any of their Thanksgiving meals, you will enjoy yours and spend time with your family in a less dramatic fashion! Happy Thanksgiving Her Campus readers!




Natasha Minskoff is currently a fourth year at the University of Maine where she is double majoring in economics and history. She has been a Staff Writer for Her Campus for almost three years now and loves writing articles about current events and topics she is passionate about. She has served as the Treasurer, Marketing Director, Editor in Chief, and is now serving as the Chapter President for the second semester!
Camille is a fourth-year Political Science major with minors in Leadership Studies and Legal Studies at the University of Maine. She is the Editor in Chief for her chapter, competes in competitive Mock Trial, and is the Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. Her future plans are to graduate in 2020 and attend law school.