Movies on Netflix You and Your Significant Other Will Both Enjoy

Finding a movie on Netflix that you and your significant other will both enjoy can be very frustrating but I promise, it’s not impossible! Here is a list of great movies to watch with your significant other. 

Disclaimer: most of these are considered to be horror films or otherwise very graphic, intense, and/or powerful. Just be aware to be pretty emotionally invested. Anyways, hopefully this makes your date night movie search a little bit simpler, happy Netflix and chilling season (Except they’re actually worth the watch)!


1. Room

This movie had me on the edge of my seat. It’s about a woman who is kidnapped for 10 years and is forced to live in a tiny shed behind this guy’s house with her son. It is so sad but such a good movie. It’s seriously mind blowing and you just need to see it.

2. Law Abiding Citizen 

This one simply blew my mind. Extremely captivating but also quite gory. You definitely can’t have a weak stomach if you watch this. This father got his daughter and wife taken from him because of a burglary gone wrong and his revenge scheme is just intensely vindictive. He literally watches them get killed in front of him, it’s super sad. BUT in jail he creates an entire plan of torture for everyone who was involved in their deaths. With that being said, it’s a super interesting storyline that keeps getting better and better. Very impactful movie.

3. How it Ends 

This movie may start out a little slow and seemingly boring, but just give it some time. The main character is very attractive which also makes it easy to watch! But it’s a super action packed and emotional story of a hypothetical end of the world.

4. Seven 

So this movie is quite old, literally created before I was even born. But it stars everyone’s favorite, Morgan Freeman as well as a young and breathtakingly handsome Brad Pitt which really is the reason I picked it. Though it is old it feels like it could be in law and order or something, but better... But it’s about two investigators who attempt to identify and capture a serial killer with an oddly religious and awful approach to his killings. The killer bases his victims off of the 7 deadly sins based upon the Christian bible. This movie ended up being pretty powerful and eye opening. Can be relevant to any day and age and surely worth the watch.