Movie Review: Set it Up

I haven’t always been a fan of romantic comedies, yet here I am, counting down the minutes until I can watch another one. I am obsessed; it’s a problem. Over the summer, I watched quirky, unrealistic rom-coms such as The Kissing Booth and When We First Met, to classic love stories, like When Harry Met Sally and Casablanca. I don’t always love them in the same way, but they all hold a special place in my hopeless romantic soul. One in particular that I watched this summer that stuck with me is a little-known masterpiece on Netflix called Set It Up.

It is set in present-day New York City (as all rom-coms seem to be) and, in my opinion, it is geared towards millennials and anyone who loves pizza. Zoey Deutch plays Harper, an aspiring sports writer who is so passionate about sports that she cries watching old football games. Glen Powell, starring opposite her, plays Charlie, a man trying to climb the corporate ladder. Both Harper and Charlie are assistants to influential workers in their respective field, but both work in the same building complex. After Harper and Charlie meet, they decide that the only way that they will have more freedom in their jobs is to play matchmakers with their respected bosses. Harper is the most relatable protagonist to exist in a romance movie, and Charlie is a nice guy who occasionally messes up.

The entire cast is amazing; they all embody the entirety of the characters. It stars Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Pete Davidson, and Titus Burgess. The only disappointment in the movie is that Titus Burgess’s few scenes aren’t longer. If the creators of the movie wanted to make a sequel, I would be content if Titus Burgess’s character, Creepy Tim, just ate soup and watched security tapes for two hours. Although Lucy Liu’s character can come off as standoffish and rude, she empowers women to be strong in their career field.

Set it Up is a gem and available on Netflix. It will make you laugh, it might make you cry-it made me cry-and it will make you crave pizza.