Megan's Stardew Valley Review


    Lately, I have had an abundance of time on my hands due to social distancing protocols and having school online. I’ve had to rethink what I do for fun in my newfound downtime, and although I was never very interested in video games before COVID-19, I found that they can actually be pretty fun! 


    My favorite game has turned out to be Stardew Valley, a relaxing video game focused on farming, collecting resources, and making friends with the characters in the game! The imagery is so relaxing, colorful, and it will change in accordance with the in-game seasons. Perhaps the best part about Stardew Valley is that you can play a co-op version with your IRL friends! It’s a wonderful way to have fun with friends from afar, and the game even comes with a chat feature so you can talk while you play, making it perfect for isolating times like these. The game also has a single-player function, which is perfect for when you want to enjoy time for yourself. 


    Aside from the multiplayer aspect, I love how you can play Stardew Valley for as long as you want and never be bored. There are so many skills to focus on in the game, so there is always something to keep you occupied. The main focus of the game is running a farm to make money for your character, so of course, farming is an important skill to focus on. It’s important that you plant the right crops for the right seasons, fertilize them, and water them until they are grown! Then, you can decide if you want to sell the crops, put them in a preserves jar, or give them away to other characters in the game to make friends! I think the best part of farming, though, has to be taking care of all the cute animals you can acquire, like chickens, ducks, cows, rabbits, goats, and pigs. They’re all adorable, and they all provide you with special resources to keep your farm operational and fun! 


   Another skill to focus on is foraging. There are a lot of crops and resources that you can find in Stardew Valley just by walking around the town, the mountains, and the forest. For example, for a few days in the springtime portion of the game, a special berry called a “salmonberry” is in season and available for picking. Once you obtain a bunch of these berries you can preserve them, eat them, sell them, or give them away just like other crops! It’s really fun to search around and see what you can find. 


   Perhaps the most action-packed part of the game is mining, where deep in the mines there are monsters you must combat in order to gain access to special gems and stones. I will admit, I was scared of the mines and monsters at first because I was scared my character would not fare well in combat. However, as long as you go in prepared with the proper armor and some snacks, you should be safe! Be careful- the farther down in the mine you go, the scarier the monsters become!

   There is really something for everyone in Stardew Valley, and whether you choose to play it alone or with friends, it’s bound to be a fun gaming experience! You can play Stardew Valley on your PC or  Nintendo Switch for $14.99 or your mobile device for $7.99, so you can take your farm on the go, on whatever device is most convenient for you! Happy farming!