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Mazel of the Week: Cadbury Egg

This week’s mazel is very near and dear to my heart because Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. My mother still organizes an egg hunt for us (even though I am 22 and my sister is 23; don’t judge me),
and I take great pride in finding my basket before my sister does. But the best part of Easter is, hands down, Cadbury Eggs. The amazing folks over at the Cadbury factory in Dublin really know how to make some chocolate. This is the best candy- on earth. A huge part of their allure is that they’re only available for a limited time, mocking you from their space on the shelf during those awful 40 days and 40 nights. I look forward to them all year, not-so-patiently awaiting that wonderful Sunday in April.
My fellow Campus Correspondent, Shaina, is Jewish, and therefore doesn’t celebrate Easter. She informed me that not only does she not drink Egg Nog, but that she has never had the pleasure of
eating a Cadbury Egg. Obviously I had to change that, so I bought her one the other day. I threw in some Peeps for good measure, because she’s always such a good pal. She said her Cadbury Egg was so good that she can’t believe she’s gone 21 long years without one, and that she’s going to buy some in bulk to last her until next year. Welcome to the dark (chocolate) side.
Cadbury Eggs are easily the best thing about April. I wouldn’t refuse the occasional caramel variety, but the crème-filled ones are my favorite. I don’t hate the small ones, but part of the fun is cracking open the big egg. Cadbury Eggs signify all that is good in the world. So, Cadbury people, who make the incredible Cadbury Egg, mazel to you.
Image from Cadbury.

Macey Hall is a senior at the University of Maine studying Journalism with a minor in Sociology. She loves fashion and traveling, and studied abroad last year in England. On campus, she writes a weekly fashion column for the school paper, The Maine Campus, and is president of Lambda Pi Eta, an honor society for Communications students. Macey is an extrovert who loves laughing, tacos, clothes, and reading, and wants to be a Kardashian when she grows up.
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