The Maine Steiners Fall Show

The Maine Steiners are gearing up for their first show of the year this Saturday in Minsky Recital Hall. The Steiners are the premier all-male a cappella group at the University of Maine, with members chosen through an audition process via the University Singers. They have been on campus since 1957 and are the oldest a cappella group on campus. While they do perform many songs in a barbershop, four-part style, their range extends to medleys and compilations of popular songs.

This year, the Steiners are a group 15 strong after accepting five new members during their auditions this fall. Adding five new voices and personalities to the group has not been easy, but upon hearing them perform you get a sense that they have put effort into working together and putting out a show that they are proud of. So much work and talent has gone into the show that they are performing this weekend, from late nights spent arranging music and spending time out of rehearsals to practice quartets and parts for various songs.

The Maine Steiners have a very special and close connection to me personally, as my boyfriend has been part of the group for our last three years of college. Not only is this an insanely talented group of young men, but they are some of the kindest and most welcoming people I have ever met. Every rehearsal I have sat in on, every fun night I have spent with  them, and various moments throughout my years at the University of Maine that I have spent with these guys has been so memorable.

While my connection to this group runs deep, it doesn’t take long for someone who doesn’t know the Steiners personally to understand their love for music and performance. Not only are they spending six hours a week in rehearsals for the University Singers, they are spending the same amount of time working on their performances for their fall and spring showcases.

Special thank you to the entire group for welcoming me into your crazy, weird family these past three years. The connection you have allowed me to make with all of you is something I will always cherish and remember fondly when looking back on my undergraduate years.

Current Members: Elijah Verhoff (Business Manager) Torin Smith (Music Director) Julien Leavitt Andrew Gardner Bruce Wilson Charlie Lees Eli Smith Michael Flannery Dylan Robinson Tor Bright Jon Dube Simon Roussel Bryant York Trevor Alcorn Andrew Cloutier

The Maine Steiners Fall Show will be held in Minsky Recital Hall at 5:00 pm, with free admission. Donations are also accepted and welcome to support future tours.