The Luck of Life: A Profile of Shane Peterson

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College is a place that students grow and learn about who they truly are and what they are passionate about. And as many freshmen start their journey of self discovery it seems that one student already has a powerful view on the world around us. Shane Peterson is a first year student majoring in sociology from Barre Massachusetts. He has his own ideas about spirituality that he calls the Luck of Life. I spoke with Shane about his philosophy on life, truth and humility. His wisdom is a breath of fresh air and is simply something that you need to hear.  

What is something you are passionate about? “I am passionate about my believe system.”

What is your belief system? “I was raised a Christian and as I came into puberty I started to think more on my own. I was atheist for a few years - until about two years ago. I began to believe in superstition as a joke around my friends, however as time went on superstitious activities proved itself to be true over and over. In fact, it had been proven so times that I simply had to accept it as truth. This made me begin the process of re-evaluating my perception of what life really means. I began to figure that bad things will only happen to you for four reasons...

1. Superstition, all the regular superstitious phenomenon. A black cat crosses your path, walking under a ladder, seeing bad omens etc. bad things will happen toyou. 2. If you’re a bad person, what we call Karma, if you do bad things bad things will happen to you. 3. If you’re not seeking truth, if you’re not seeking the truth about what life really means, constantly moving forward toward what you’re passionate about. As well as making changes in the world that are positive. Then bad things will happen to you. 4. If you think you know too much, if you are boastful about everything you know and believe you have nothing left to learn, bad things will happen to you.


There’s a solution to all these things, and it’s the creed that I live by every day.

1. Wear a charm of some sort. I used to wear a necklace that was my grandmothers. After she passed away it was given to me and I wore it for a year without ever taking it off. It gave me a lot of luck and it comforted me when I was anxious. 2. Simply, be a good person. Be kind to people, be accepting, and be good to everyone because everyone deserves a chance. Don’t take things too seriously, and never hold a grudge. 3. Always seek truth. Always strive toward what you’re passionate about, and what makes you and other people happy. Always try and make a positive change in the world, never give up and always get back up when you’ve been knocked to your knees by the world. 4. Be humble. Don’t brag about how much you know because you really don’t know anything. Feel free to share your knowledge, but know that there is many other people who have just as much valuable information as you do.

This is my life, this is my creed, this is Luck of Life.”


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