A Jersey Girls Thoughts on Pumping Gas for the First Time


As some of you may know, New Jersey is known for its amazing food, scenery, and the famous TV show, “Jersey Shore”.  But as much as I love our state’s food, vast scenery and culture, none of it compares to the fact that I’ve never had to pump my own gas. You heard me right...no New Jersian has ever got out of their car to pump their own gas.  Instead, we have gas attendants that do it for us!

This was never an issue until I decided to attend college in the state of Maine, a place where residents DO pump their own gas.  After driving several eight hour trips I had to face the inevitable.  Already being in the state of Maine was quite an adjustment because of how unfamiliar it was but now I had to learn how to do something that’s only ever been foreign to me?!

You may be reading this thinking, “Pumping gas is so easy!” but let me tell you… this task had me STRESSING! At first I was quite ashamed of the fact that I couldn’t do something as simple as pump gas, especially since my dad used to be a gas attendant in his younger years.  The first time I pumped gas, I watched others in the hopes I could mimic their actions. After some people watching, I was finally able to put the nozzle in my gas container and fill my girl Charlotte up (in case you are wondering, I named my black Chevy Cobalt “Charlotte the Chevy”). Though I held the nozzle in place the entire time instead of locking it in place, I was proud to have learned a new skill.   

Nevertheless, I was able to get it together and get better with some more practice and of course with the help of my friends!  The moral of the story is whether it is pumping gas for the first time, working out for the first time at a gym, or your first time taking classes at college, you will be just fine and adjust!

*picture by author*