I Just Started Watching Nathan For You and I Can't Stop

“Nathan For You” is a series on Hulu about a guy named Nathan (go figure) who graduated with a business degree from a school in Canada. He brags about his “exceptional” grades, although as viewers come to find out, they’re not actually that great. This joke leads into the storyline of the show.

How I got into the show: I’m a business major and I have an internship in which I’m a branch manager of a painting company. At one of my bi-weekly meetings with other managers and executives, one of the executives brought up this show and described how hilarious it was, as the basis of it seemed relevant to our environment. Actually, the main reason he brought it up was because Nathan looks a lot like one of the other executives. Anyway, I thought it would be funny if I watched it on my own and showed up to the next meeting announcing I watch it and totally agree they’re basically twins. Long story short, I ended up really liking the show (I just watched clips on Youtube, and I recommend the watch).

Plot of the show: The idea of the show is Nathan goes around to struggling businesses and gives them his “great” marketing ideas to get them more customers to prevent them from going out of business. You could describe his ideas as unorthodox; they make sense in the weirdest ways, which is why it’s so funny. To put it in a sense, the humor reminded me of the kind of humor you find in the show, “The Office.” It’s not the same humor, but it is in the way that some people don’t understand it/find it stupid, while other people find the weird humor to be hilarious. Customers often disagree with his ideas and argue with him about it, but Nathan finds a way to guilt them into believing it’s worth a shot.

Sample episode synopsis: I watched a handful of the episodes he has. To give you an idea of his style, let me tell you about a couple of them. I watched one about a struggling antique shop. The owner worked during the day but wasn’t selling anything. However, she had a “you break it, you buy it” policy. Nathan used this to spark his idea to change the business hours to 24/7 to increase the chances that a drunk person would come in at night, break something, and have to buy it. He then went to a bar and sat next to a guy sitting by himself to entertain him to get him to drink more. He went as far to wear a suit that had a tube going through his sleeve that sucked the alcohol out of the one drink he bought himself, and then poured apple juice back into the glass so that the guys thought he was drinking with him. Once his new friend was intoxicated enough, he convinced him they were going to a costume party together. He brought him to his car and gave him a giant, blow-up fat suit. They then conveniently walked past a 24/7 antique shop with a “free pizza” sign on the window, but he had to walk through a very narrow walkway to get to the pizza. Long story short, the narrow walkway and his fat suit cost him over $200 worth of broken antiques.

While there are others I could explain and would love to talk about (because they’re all SO funny), you should go watch them for yourself. If you have the same type of humor as I do (or if you simply find stupid things funny), then you’ll love this