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How to Stay Organized During the end of the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.

Our organization during the semester often fluctuates like a wave.  Either you are super organized or you’re scrambling to get back on track. It’s easy to quickly fall in the trap of gradually losing your organization skills as the semester goes on and typically the relationship between time and drive during the semester is directly correlated. Here are some of my personal tips that helped me stay organized through this semester:


Color code EVERYTHING!

Color code your notes, planner, and anything else that you use to organize your thoughts, tasks, and plans for the day. I like to use a black pen and another colored pen when writing my notes in order for my brain to process the information in a concise and less overwhelming way. Then I’ll use the chosen colored pen to write down anything in my planners in order for my brain to immediately match the class with the tasks and/or assignments for that class!


Find your planner!

I personally use three different notebooks when organizing myself.  My first planner is a simple open space planner for each day where I write down all assignment, announcements, or other notes for each of my classes. In short, this planner gives me a general idea for my day. My next planner is a “Passion Planner.” These are not only stylish but extremely great for organizing yourself for each day. This planner has an hour-by-hour space for you to write down where you need to go. My Passion Planner helps me feel less overwhelmed with my daily schedule. Not only does this planner have space for your hour-by-hour schedules but it has a space for your personal to-do lists, your top priorities, your goals for each month and more. This planner allows me to feel more goal-oriented and extremely organized. Finally I used a small regular notebook. In this notebook I write down my own to-do-list for each day where I check off everything I need to do. Listing everything you need to do allows you to feel less anxious about your tasks in a straightforward approach.


Meet With friends/check In about your  classes/extracurricular activities

It is easy to forget everything you need to do between classes, and other involvements on your campus so staying in touch with friends and others in your classes is extremely helpful. Make sure you are updated on everything that you have going on!


Collect your syllabuses and make a list of everything you have to do for the end of the semester

When looking at your syllabuses make sure to include tests, projects, papers, assignments, presentations, and homework. Next to each assignment writing the due date will help your prioritize your time. 


Stick to your Schedule!

Now that you have spent quite some time and effort planning out your days, weeks, adn entire semester make sure you have not done this all in vane. Do not push anything off. Prioritize your time, and integrate time during your day to complete your assignments.


Finally, take care of yourself!

Organizing yourself, completing your assignments, and balancing your activities can be overwhelming and draining. Getting a good night’s sleep, staying active, and eating healthy and nutritious foods are essential for your success and energy. Take breaks in between completing your tasks in order to clear your mind and recharge. Your grades are significant, ultimately why you are here and setting the path for your future, although your overall health and well-being is the most significant.




Stay organized, healthy, and energized!

Stephanie Krakowski attends the University of Maine and is currently a sophomore. She studies Kinesiology (concentration in exercise science) with a minor in nutrition. Her passion consists of working out and spending her time at the gym or being with friends. She loves to run, travel, road trip, try new things and meet new people.
Gabbi is a senior at the University of Maine studying English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Psychology. She hopes to write and publish her own novel one day!