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How to Focus During the Last Weeks of School

The final weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are undoubtedly nothing short of painful. We all barely touched our laptops over Thanksgiving, but even if you were one of the good ones who was motivated enough to do homework, there is still copious amounts being assigned the second we got back. Having trouble staying motivated to do your work during this time? Here’s a couple little tricks to help stay focused during the last couple weeks of the semester

1) Find your study place!

Whether it is the library, your bedroom, or the Union, finding a solid place to study can shape the entire way you do your homework. Get into the swing of things by finding a place where you aren’t distracted and can get your work done productively.

2) Make your work a habit

Make a schedule, write more in your agenda book, make it a goal to put your homework into your schedule daily. Even a spare hour during your day can make a difference. When you make it a point to push hanging out with friends or sleeping to later in the night, you will find your days more productive.

3) Make sure to find time to do you

While studying and pushing yourself harder is always important, you cannot do work productively if you don’t make time to relax. Take a little break out of your day and focus on yourself. Go for a walk, cook, go to the gym, read, do anything to ease your mind. Just as your body needs rest every night from the hustle and bustle of the day, your brain needs a breather too.

4) Set goals

Instead of starting homework at random points, make different goals. Set up an agenda every week of what to do. Have a big project to do? Do different sections of it every day instead of cramming it all into one night. Big test to study for? Start with terms, and focus on a new chapter every day. This will help you study more efficiently and give you less stress if it isn’t being done last minute.

Maddy is a junior at the University of Maine. She is from right outside of Worcester, Massachusetts. She is an English major and wants to become a journalist. In her free time, she skis, hikes, reads and hangs out with her friends.
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