How to Deal with Homesickness

As we’re getting through the beginning of the new school year, you are most likely feeling some sort of homesickness. All you have to do is bite into your grilled cheese sandwich, and that random connection to home makes you start bawling. If you happen to be feeling this way at all, just know that you are certainly not the only one. Hopefully these tips will make you feel a little bit better about being away!

Make Your Dorm Homey 

Whether that means bringing a favorite stuffed animal from your childhood or bringing a box full of pictures of your family. Bring whatever you need in order to make you feel like you’re back to your roots. Having a sentimental memory of family will bring you peace knowing there’s a piece of home with you.

It’s Okay to Cry

Being away from home is hard and being emotional is okay. So pack some tissues and feel the emotions.

Keep in Touch

Talk to your family whenever you have the time. Checking in on your family will make you feel a lot better. I call my mom multiple times a day when I get the chance. Keeping in touch with your family is the best way to feel connected and updated. You had enough time to read this, so you have enough time for a quick phone call! Who knows? Maybe you can say hello to your dog too!

Keep busy 

A good way to help cope with homesickness is to keep yourself occupied! Go to the library to study, hang out with friends, or keep up with a hobby. As long as you’re distracted and not in your own head, it will be a lot easier to adjust!

Being without family can be hard. Leaving my family behind was easily the hardest thing I've had to deal with. Now, I feel so much better adjusting just by doing these simple things. People adjust to these transitions in different ways, but hopefully these tips will help get you through it!