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How to Be Single for Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Maine chapter.


Are you a single pringle this Valentine’s day? Are you dreading all the “love being in the air” vibes as you eat discounted chocolate while watching rom-com’s all night by yourself? Well, let me tell you that you aren’t alone!  There are plenty of single hearts out there that feel exactly the same way.  So, this one goes out to all my single ladies out there.  Below are some of my favorite activities of my many years of a boo-less valentine’s day. Enjoy!

1. Buy lots of chocolate- The next day most stores have tons of discounted chocolate so treat yourself!

2. Buy yourself a gift- This could be flowers or teddy bears. Self-love is key!

3. Find your other single friends and go out- No one understands you more than your other single friends. Remember to leave your boo-ed up friends back at home (but don’t forget to ask how their night was because they will want to gush about it!).

4. Treat yo’ self- This can mean going to get your nails done, buying a cute outfit that looks amazing on you, or just simply going to watch your favorite movie.

5. Just relax- You don’t have to do anything but just curl up in your warm bed and eat your favorite snacks with a good book or movie.  Feeling more ambitious?  Maybe catch up on some homework!

6. Stay off social media- Distract yourself away from social media so you don’t have to see all the lovey-dovey posts #barf

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is exactly that: just a day.  So, if all else fails, just treat it like any other day and choose to love yourself!

Nicole Ashe

U Maine '22

Nicole is a Vermonter who came to UMaine to experience a different area of New England. She studies business, with the hopes of becoming a manager one day with a side passion in writing, and hopes to one day become an author as well. She enjoys activities such as hiking mountains and skydiving.