Homecoming Apparel 2017

It's everyone's favorite time of year! Here are a few tips to make your homecoming outfit one to remember.


1. Classic Crop Top

  • This look is really easy and cheap. The best thing to do is to take a t-shirt or sweatshirt that you already own or go to the bookstore and get a cheap t-shirt with UMaine’s logo.

  • Once you have your shirt lay it flat on the ground so that there are no bumps.

  • Take a sharpie and draw a line where you want the shirt to be cut.

  • Then cut away!

This is a super cute, but simple look!


2. DIY Choker Tee

If you want a more edgy look this homecoming, here is an easy DIY cut out choker tee.

  • Grab a t-shirt with a UMaine logo

  • Lay flat on the ground so there are no bumps

  • Take a sharpie and a ruler and draw lines from the collar making a deep v-neck look

  • Cut around the collar, making sure the collar forms a choker style

  • Cut where the lines of the sharpie are

You now have a choker tee! If you wanted to add more to this look you could add laces where the deep v-neck would be. To do that you will need to buy laces at a store like Joann's Fabric along with fabric glue and trim that has holes so you can lace the shirt.

3. Oversized T-Shirt/Jersey

If you just want to keep it simple and don’t feel like getting crafty, an oversized jersey or t-shirt is a really cute look that has minimal effort and is  easy to dress up or down!


Happy Homecoming!